Big Brother 15 Episode 28, #Eviction, #HOH

bb15It’s Thursday night and Aaryn is going to the jury house.  It will probably be a unanimous vote as Aaryn has given GinaMarie the go ahead to vote for her so she can stay with the house.

The real story tonight will be who wins the HOH and takes control of the house.  There are three sides….  Judd and GinaMarie or Amanda and McCrae or Spencer and Andy.

My guess is Andy and Spencer will throw the competition in the HOH because they can float to either side of the house and be safe.  The real competition is Judd/GinaMarie and Amanda/McCrae.    I think we all know who I am pulling for…. GO JUDD! (or GinaMarie)

Ok kids let’s get this underway and see what happens…. my big question for the night…. will Julie Chen do the interview with Aaryn that we have all been hoping for?  I am not looking for her to tell her she doesn’t have a job to go home to, but I do want to see her held accountable for some of her comments.


Julie Chen, hot dress, bad shoes with Andy adjusting his underwear in the background.

As the show recaps, Amanda continues her tirade of nasty, she is a horrible person.  Amanda attacks on very personal ugly levels, she doesn’t play the game, she tears people apart.

The other house guests are very uncomfortable with the way Amanda is treating Elissa.

In the backyard GinaMarie, Spencer, Judd and Andy form an alliance… the Exterminators.  For all of them, Amanda is the target.

Amanda tells Aaryn she will be voting to keep Andy.

GinaMarie tells Aaryn she has her vote.  In diary GInaMarie says she has to have a backup and keeping Andy is the backup.

Spencer and Judd do not commit to Aaryn to keep her.

In a live interview with former BB Winner and great Dan tells Julie that Amanda is really only one of the people actually playing the game this year.  Dan says Amanda is a brat and the crowd cheers in agreement.

Dan says he is a Judd fan.  WOOHOO Dan!!!  Dan want’s Judd to win.

Talking with former Showmance couples Rachel and Brendon who are now married.   Brendon still doesn’t talk much.   Rachel is still way too annoying.

Dani and Dominic a new couple from Season 13, now married.  Both still cute and together a cute couple.

My favorite showmance of all time Jeff and Jordan are still together after four years.  Still cutting up and joking with each other but not married yet.  Jeff needs to put a ring on it!

As we go to commercial Julie teases that either Aaryn or Andy will be evicted next and they both have a lot of explaining to do…. will she go there?  I think she will plant seeds but not eviscerate Aaryn.


JUDD:  Aaryn



AMANDA:  Aaryn

MCCRAE:  Aaryn

BB 15 AARYNUnanimous vote, Aaryn is evicted from the Big Brother House.

Ok Julie it is now your turn!


Julie says she cannot give Aaryn any feedback or information from the outside world.  As Aaryn walks out she gets mixed reception of applause and boos.

Julie brings up the racism and ask for a response.  Aaryn pulls the southern card and says that she was taken out of context.  Julie reads back to Aaryn her actual words and Aaryn says she doesn’t remember making the comments, the audience laughs at her.

Julie asks Aaryn if she learned anything in the house and Aaryn says yes.

Aaryn is obviously concerned by her comments and once again blames it on Texas.  Julie tells Aaryn she hopes she has a new perspective on things when she watches the season in review.

Julie did it!  Aaryn knows she is in a pile of shit.


It’s going to be a long one unfortunately.

Who will win?  I guess I will be posting a spoiler tomorrow morning.  McCrae could win this, however I think Amanda is FAR too impatient to win.  GinaMarie could be a factor and if Andy is trying he should be good at this one.

Julie teases an announcement regarding next week’s eviction…. Double Eviction????

Yep, it’s another DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!

Watch for my spoiler tomorrow morning to see who wins.

Short Notes – 8.29.13

The Silver Fox gets it right again!

Big Brother 15 Episode 27 – Tonight, Aaryn should be eliminated from the game.  I hope Julie Chen is working on that post interview because it could and should be a doozy!  Also, Amanda has proven to be the nastiest more vile person in the house, over and over and over again, I would say she is trailer trash but that would be so insulting to people who live in trailers.



I am not trying to be insensitive here, but when did working the drive-thru at McDonald’s go from being a job for teens and college students to a place where people went to support a family?  REALLY?  $15 Hr  Maybe these folks should look into college?

How does this make sense?  In Pinellas County Florida, High School Cheerleaders are not allowed to wear their uniforms to school because they are vulgar.  HOWEVER, said uniforms may be worn at games and other functions to REPRESENT the school.

There has been a lot of people making comment about none of the Congressional Republican Leadership attending the March on Washington 50th Anniversary recognition yesterday, I can’t help but wonder how they would have been greeted if they had shown up?  My guess is the boo-birds would have far outweighed the applause.  Who can blame them for not attending, the dialogue must go both ways if anyone is going to be successful!

Rock House

Big Brother 15, Episode 23 – #BB15; #Nominations

bb15For weeks now we have been watching and hearing Helen tell whomever is Head of Household that they need to make a big move.  They need to nominate someone unexpected, they need to make a game changing move that the HOH will be remembered for.

For weeks we have watched and listened as Helen has run the house, pulled the puppet strings of her castmates and whispered in the ears of anyone who would listen how they should play the game.

This week Aaryn is the Head of Household for the fourth time….  I wonder if she will make that game changing move that Helen has been hoping for this week?  <EG>


Sunday night’s show starts with Amanda in the diary room bragging that she has had a hand in every eviction in the last several weeks.

(On a side note…. what’s with the headbands this summer?)

Andy is not happy he had to send Jessie out, but he knows for his game it was smart and keeps him relatively safe with the other house guests.

BB 15 AARYNAaryn wins HOH for the fourth time.  It seems like she is much more popular in the house than she once was and house guests seem to genuinely like her.

McCrae and Amanda give each other a sob story for losing the HOH competition.  Amanda complains that she can’t win anything and McCrae tells her he is never going to throw another competition.  Amanda blows up on McCrae for the comment… would someone PLEASE give her some medication… ugh!

Amanda goes into the pantry and hides behind a garbage can…. yes a garbage can, to cry about losing the HOH competition.

Elissa is worried Aaryn will nominate her.  Helen assures her she will not be evicted because she has the votes to stay if she is nominated.  Helen tells Elissa not to feel defeated this is a game and you just have to keep playing.  In the diary room, Helen says she would never play the game with a defeated attitude like Elissa.

Helen goes to Aaryn to kiss ass and tell her what a great game player she is and how much she deserves to win.

When Amanda comes out from behind the garbage can, she decides that Aaryn should nominate Elissa and Helen… a really big move.

Aaryn tells McCrae her plan is to put Spencer and Elissa up for nomination.  Amanda tells Aaryn to put up Helen and Elissa and to let Helen think Elissa is the target.

Aaryn does not want to nominate Helen.  Amanda pushes and tells Andy in front of Aaryn that she will be nominating Helen and Elissa with the vote going to Helen for eviction but telling her all week she is the pawn.

3 AM finally assigns each member a name:  Amanda is the Mastermind; Andy is the Agent; Aaryn is the Beast and McCrae is the Enforcer.

Aaryn show her HOH room….. again.

Helen tells Elissa that she needs to talk to Aaryn and not to give up.  Elissa does not’ know if it will do any good.  Helen tells Elissa she is trying to prop her up and just trying to help her.

Helen and Elissa both cry over not seeing their families and their kids going back to school.  Elissa tells Helen if she gets evicted she is not going to the Jury House, but she is going home.  Helen cries because “she has done so much for Elissa,” and it hurts her for Elissa to just give up.  Helen cries to McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Spencer, Aaryn and Andy that she feels like she can’t save Elissa any longer.


Two teams:  This is a black box competition, the teams must find a key in a totally blacked out room.

GREEN TEAM:  Helen, Amanda, Elissa and GinaMarie  – GinaMarie finds the key and the green team exits with a time of 7:21

ORANGE TEAM:  McCrae, Spencer, Andy and Aaryn  – Spencer finds the key and the team exits with a time of 3:41

Have-nots for the week are Helen, Amanda, Elissa and GinaMarie.


*Side Note – is it just me or does “The Crazy Ones” with Robin Williams look awesome!?!?!??!

CLASSIC conversation with GinaMarie and Helen discussing her families immigration from South Korea to the United StatesGM makes the comment, “it’s like being in a different country or something.”  You just can’t make this stuff up!

Elissa goes to Aaryn and tells her she is a lovely girl and has grown up in the house a lot.  This is her attempt to try to remain in the house and not be nominated.

Aaryn assures Elissa if she is nominated she is not the target.  Elissa doesn’t even hear her say it.

Helen goes to Aaryn and tells her she knows Elissa is going on the block.  Helen tells Aaryn she will do whatever she wants with the nominations, assuming she is going to put Spencer and Elissa up for eviction.  However, Helen thinks she may go up for eviction because of her close alliance with Elissa.


Helen and Elissa are nominated.



Hey Helen, you got that big move you were looking for…. are you happy now?  I am!!!!!

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 14 – #BB15, #Nominations, #ComcastSux, #Have&HaveNots

comcast-sucksSeventeen days after my Comcast  Xfinity debacle began, (read here and here ) the new DVR stopped working today.

Once again, I have lost everything on the DVR, and I await a visit from the Comcast technician tomorrow morning.  They call this “service.”

Thankfully, the condo development I live in has basic cable for all residents, so I have reworked my television and watch like it is 2003.

My disdain for Comcast grows by the day, I am working on a post that I will share soon where they are accusing me of stealing their equipment and charging me $150 because the COMPUTER says I have equipment that I don’t….. but….. the computer says so!

Let’s see what is going on in the house, and if you aren’t following the boards and feeds you are missing out!  Unfortunately I don’t have pause or DVR, so I am typing fast tonight.


Aaryn wins HOH.  Helen had made a previous deal with Aaryn where she would give her HOH nominees to Helen’s side of the house and those nominees are to be Howard and Spencer.

No one seems happy that Aaryn won HOH.

Helen worries if Aaryn will follow-thru on her end of the deal.

Candice knows about Helen’s deal and she also knows she was not consulted on the plans.

Spencer ask Aaryn point-blank if he is going on the block, she tells him she has to do what the house wants.

All the house guests hide when it is time to see Aaryn’s HOH room.   It was a cute moment and Aaryn almost seemed human.

McCrae and Amanda take a bubble bath, discussing their differences and both say “I love you.”

Spencer goes to Aaryn and attempts to defend himself to keep from being nominated.  Aaryn lets Spencer know she made deals to stay in the house and will follow through on the agreement.

Howard talks to Aaryn about the nominations.  Aaryn tells Howard the truth about the deal with Helen.  Howard tries convincing Aaryn to shake up the house and not nominate who she is being told to nominate, but do what she wants to do.

On a side note, I wish this would have been the Aaryn that played the game in the beginning instead of the white-sheet clad Klan chick!  This Aaryn is more like the one I described in my first impression.

Have and Have-Nots Competition:

Hosted by Poppy Montgomery. star of CBS‘ Unforgettable.

Orange:  Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy

Green:  Candice, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd

Purple:  Spencer, Helen, Jessie, Howard

Orange team comes in first, purple team second and green team is a Have-not for the week.

Candice and Aaryn talk.  Aaryn tells her she doesn’t want to put Howard up but she is being told what to do.   Candice recommends she nominate Amanda and McCrae,  Aaryn tells her Amanda kept her safe.

In the diary room, Aaryn admits that Candice doesn’t exist to her and anything she says goes in one ear and out the other.

Candice reports back to Howard how the conversation went and she understands that the conversation was pointless.  Candice is confident that she will be nominated.

Candice pushes Howard away.



Spencer and Howard

Aaryn holds up to her end of the bargain.

Wednesday night we find out who America has nominated for the 3rd seat.  This has already happened in realtime and well, I warned a player didn’t I?

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 13, #Elimination #BB15, #HOH

bb15Ok folks let’s give one of these bad girls the boot…. shall we.

It’s elimination night on Big Brother!


Julie Chen looking very conservative in her white pants, up-do and stripes.

Julie explains Aaryn was America’s choice for 3rd nominee, 2nd was Elissa and 3rd was GinaMarie.

Aaryn automatically goes on the defensive and starts campaigning against her “friend” GinaMarie.  Judd is clearly confused on who he thinks should go home.  Not to allow for any loyalties, Aaryn also campaigns against Kaitlin.

Judd, Elissa, Helen and Jessie discuss who should go, everyone but Elissa wants Kaitlin.

Everyone in the house discusses how nasty Aaryn is and how no one wants her in the house, but they know she can’t win and is no competition.

Aaryn continues campaigning to stay…. offering anything to stay.

Judd tells Andy, Jessie and Helen that he had an alliance with GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer.  (Not his smartest move.)

When did Andy start smoking or were my eyes deceiving me?


Helen tells Amanda and Elissa about the Judd alliance.

Elissa asks Kaitlin if there was a deal made….  Aaryn secretly listens in while they talk.

Aaryn lets Helen know what she heard.

Helen is pissed.

Kaitlin lets Howard and Spencer know about the conversation with Elissa.

Helen confronts Elissa.

Aaryn confronts Elissa.

Howard, Spencer, Jessie, Judd, Andy…. everyone but McCrae, Amanda and Candice are in the room.

Elissa and Aaryn go toe to toe….. CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie breaks in and goes live to the living room….  Julie lets Judd know that Twitter is in love with his Grizzly Bear  shirt.


AMANDA:  Kaitlin

MCCRAE:  Kaitlin

HELEN:  Kaitlin

CANDICE:  Kaitlin

ELISSA:  Kaitlin

SPENCER:  Kaitlin

HOWARD:  Kaitlin

ANDY:  Kaitlin

JESSIE:  Kaitlin

BB15 KAITLINUNANIMOUS VOTE:  Kaitlin is eliminated.  It was obvious, their hearts want Aaryn out, their heads knew they had to put Kaitlin out.

Kaitlin hugs Helen and GinaMarie and walks out the door in silence and Helen was a forced hug.

Julie lets Kaitlin know that outside the house America sees her as a mean girl and fills her in on what is going on outside and confronts her on some of her activities.  This makes me look forward to her interview with Aaryn even more!

Kaitlin is classy in her exit interview.

Julie lets America know, once again this week WE ARE THE MVP….  Aaryn!  Aaryn!  Aaryn!!!!!!!!  Text 1 to 81818


The BB Casino is this weeks HOH competition, Roulette Me Win……  Highest number ball wins HOH!

Andy score:  23

McCrae:  28

GinaMarie:  3

Candice:  27

Spencer:  34

Aaryn:  36

Howard:  17

Jessie:  2

Helen:  28

Amanda:  1

Elissa:  0

This week’s HOH is Aaryn….. UGH!  No reason to vote for #1 now folks, she is there for another week.


Doesn’t seem like a lot of excitement in the house over that HOH winner.


Well we all know she will nominate Elissa, who else?  I think it will be McCrae.

I think America’s Vote will be for GinaMarie.

If Elissa doesn’t win POV she will go home one week from today.