Friday’s Hero…. Brian Boitano, 12.20.13 @BrianBoitano


This week I choose as my Friday’s Hero a guy I have had a secret crush on since the 1980’s, Brian Boitano,  US Figure Skater and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist.

Yesterday, Boitano came out as he prepares to represent the United States as an official delegate for the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

I am not choosing Boitano for coming out, but  I choose him for his statement in coming out.   For many of us People Magazine covers and Oprah interviews aren’t required, just living a life of love, compassion and honor is the benchmark we strive for.  Thank you for leading by example Brian Boitano!


Short Notes – 8.8.13

My thoughts on why a boycott of the Sochi Olympics cannot even be an option.

Words to Live By

Joni Mitchell

Big Brother 15 Episode 18 tonight’s episode is a DOUBLE EVICTION, I love double eviction nights!  Hopefully Amanda will be one of the two people walking out tonight, but I won’t be surprised if she remains.

That $448,000,000.00 was supposed to be mine!

Over the last week we have closed down Embassy’s around the globe because of terrorist chatter.  I am all for using the utmost in caution in these instances, however I just was thinking, do we think the terrorists won’t just change their day planner to a date when we ARE open instead of trying something when we are closed down?

Putin continues to tweak Obama.