Notes from a Southern Kitchen began as a blog about my childhood several years ago.  It has been a joy to write and reconnected me with many memories from a simpler time.  The original blog may be found here.

After moving back to my hometown of Clayton, GA, I have reconnected with many friends and family of my childhood.  The stories, memories and commentaries I write today are as varied as my daily interest.  I hope you enjoy and will follow, Notes from a Southern Kitchen.

I addition to “Notes” I write a monthly column for Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine and own imPRESSed, a specialty clothing retail store and website.  impressedstyle.com

I love writing and hope to do more, my dream is a syndicated column and then a novel….. so any of you publishing people or people who know publishing people….. hook me up!

Thanks for visiting Notes from a Southern Kitchen!

Kendall Rumsey

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  1. I have found your blog very inspiring and we would like to include you on our list of nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can see the award from the blogger who nominated us here, http://seefurtherblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/your-much-deserved-awards/
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    The Rules

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    We hope you consider accepting while there is no obligation to though we do hope you know we appreciate how you inspire us and we love your blog.


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