Life’s Playlist…. Just As I Am performed by George Beverly Shea

I saw Billy Graham once.  It was in the 90’s at the Georgia Dome.  I don’t remember the exact year.

Mr. Graham was conducting a Crusade in Atlanta and I attended on one of the nights her was there.  By the time I arrived there were already tens of thousands of people in the stadium.

I don’t remember the sermon, I’m sure it included a message of God’s Love, Forgiveness and Redemption.

What I remember most about the day was the sea of humanity that had gathered.  Black, white, straight, gay, saved, lost, sinners all, the stadium was filled with those who were there looking for something in their life to help them.  Billy Graham provide that.

And when the altar call was issued, thousands upon thousands of people made their way to the front of the stage where Mr. Graham stood, inviting them to accept Jesus as their Savior.  It was a beautiful moment that lasted for what seemed like an eternity, that moment in that stadium was one of the most powerful I have ever witnessed.

The sounds of a thousand member choir and the rich baritone of George Beverly Shea singing “Just As I Am” remains with me today.

Billy Graham has now died.  He entered the gates of heaven and will now live in eternity at the hand of our Lord.

Without a doubt, when Mr. Graham passed, the first words he heard were “well done my good and faithful servant, well done.”