Life’s Playlist…. That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be by Carly Simon

I have been slack on my writing assignments over the weekend, but I am back today and ready to go.  The assignment for Day 14 of the Jeff Goins – 500 Word Challenge is…. write about food.

Well there couldn’t be a better subject for me, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food.  I love planning meals, love shopping for it, love cooking it and especially love eating it.  If I could find someone to do the clean-up that would be perfection!

The challenge is narrowing down what to write.  I could expand on a recipe, share something I enjoy, or praise a favorite restaurant.  HMMM.

I think I will just go with my ultimate meal.  If I were to compile the perfect meal, from anywhere, cooked by anyone what would it be.  No worries about calories, nutrition or any “rules,” just what I want for my ultimate meal.  (Fair warning, this won’t be for the faint of heart!)

A Southern Feast.

Any meal of consequence would have to include my mother’s homemade biscuits.  Growing up we had biscuits every night for supper and when she cooked breakfast we would have them then too.  Mama couldn’t give her recipe because she always said she just knew what to put in.  I know they had Martha White Self-Rising Flour, Buttermilk, Butter and I think Crisco.  (Could be wrong about the Crisco.)  She cut each biscuit with an old Vienna-Sausage can and placed them on the pan she used just for cooking biscuits.

My ultimate meal would include Fried Chicken, cooked by my daddy and also Cubed Steak cooked by my mama.

There would probably be some Country Ham just to complete the perfect meal trifecta.

Using the old grease from the Cubed Steak there would be gravy for saturating the biscuits.

A huge bowl of fried okra would be the cornerstone of the vegetables.  Also on the vegetable list Black-eyed Peas, Silver Queen Corn on the Cob and Green Bean Casserole.

There would be deviled eggs and potato salad with mayonnaise and mustard, sweet pickles, onion, eggs and salt and pepper.

There would be “Ken’s Pink Salad.”  A simple congealed salad that my mama named after me because I love it so much.  Jello, Cottage Cheese, Cool-Whip and Pineapple chunks all mixed together and chilled in the refrigerator until it has just the perfect consistency.

No meal would be complete without lots of Sweet Tea and maybe some pineapple juice just to add a little tropical twist.

After the perfect meal, an array of perfect desserts would fill the table.  Homemade Banana Pudding with meringue, tart lemon pie and my grandmother’s cream cheese pound cake.

As delicious as that meal could be, what would make it all the more special would be sharing it with those who prepared it just one more time.  Those days have now passed, but I know that those I love will have it prepared for me when we see each other again in heaven.

A delicious meal that is served better with those you love and the memories they create as time moves on.