My 500 Words – Day 1

Better late than never.

I signed up to take part in the “My 500 Word Challenge” at the beginning of the year, 21 days later I have finally gotten my mind-set ready to begin.

The 500 Word Challenge was created by Jeff Goins, a writer that I respect and appreciate.  Mr. Goins is the author of a number of books designed to help artists and writers act on their passion.

Two of his books “Real Artists Don’t Starve,” and “You are a Writer” are designed to light a fire in the creative process of those who have the talent for expressing themselves through the written word or other artistic outlets, I have studied both of these books and enjoyed reading his thoughts, even when I didn’t act on them.

The 500 Word Challenge, is just that, a challenge to write every day for 31 days, a minimum of 500 words.  At the end of the 31 days, over 15,000 words will be “on paper” or in my case “on the screen.”  15,000 words is the length of a good book, hmm, for someone who continues to strive to put those words on the page of the book that lies within, this should be a good training to write daily.

For years I have been updating my blog on a daily basis, I plan on continuing to do that, however the challenge will be to tie the daily writing prompts to my existing blog strategy.

As the program is laid out, Goins provides a thought for the daily writing task, I plan on tying my daily writing tasks to my “Life’s Playlist” feature I have in place, this could go really well or be an epic failure, it should be interesting to see.

I have been keeping the daily emails provided for the writing prompts, I will follow those prompts as I move through the 500 Word Challenge.

As with most online challenges, a great social media “family” has been created to encourage others along the way.  I have followed the successes of the members and look forward to adding my voice to those who are meeting the challenge.

Five-hundred words really isn’t a lot.  My monthly column in “Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine,” is between 800 and 1,200 words each month and my usual Sunday columns, are about the same length, the challenge now is to make that happen on a daily basis.

So here I am, at 53 years old still dreaming this dream of being a writer.  A dream that gnaws at my soul, a dream that excites me more than most.

When I sit down before the blank screen, the challenge of putting my thoughts down pulses through my body and the thrill of seeing those letters become words and words become sentences is as satisfying as any great meal or business deal I ever enjoy.

Here I am, challenging myself to see if I can do it and more importantly IF I will do it.  It seems as though the excitement of what is to come should be enough to make it happen, but as with many great opportunities in life, the fear of what is to come sometimes wins.

I sit before you, a guy taking the challenge and for today sharing “My 500 Words.”


Sunday Playlist…. Softly and Tenderly performed by Reba McEntire