Life’s Playlist…. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

On this date in 1974, the Six Million Dollar Man starring Lee Majors premiered on ABC.

I was 10 and thought it was the coolest show ever!  About a man who had been severely injured and “re-built” with mechanical bones, ligaments, organs and muscle to become a super hero who solved crime and threats against the world.

As a child watching the show, I could have never imagined that just a short four decades later we would share the planet with people whose bodies had been rebuilt much like the Six Million Dollar Man.

In the seventies, the thought of artificial limbs that allowed amputees to do the things they do today was unfathomable.  Artificial organs, muscle and the advancements of medical technology for these catastrophic injuries was just a dream, today these realities have become standard.

Today, these super heroes walk among us, they accomplish great fetes and they live lives of honor, in the spotlight.  Today, these six million dollar men and women show us all what fight and determination epitomize.

They are stronger.

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