Thank You, Mr. Poss

Ed Poss died this morning.

The news shook me when I was told.  At 90 years old, Mr. Poss still lived a vibrant life and the last time I saw him he was as full of his gregarious personality as he was the first time I met him.

Rabun County owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Poss, he was a cornerstone of hometown spirit and through his acumen in business helped spread the word of all things Rabun far and wide.

The real-estate business that bears his name helped enrich our community and I don’t know of any group, organization or club that he ever said no to when he was asked for support.

I never heard Mr. Poss say anything negative about anyone or anything, and I never heard anyone say a negative word about him either.

Ed Poss loved Rabun County, he loved Real Estate, he loved his associates, his family and his Mary-George.

Rabun County is a better place because of the life of Ed Poss.

When I was a child, my father decided he was going to start selling real-estate on his summers away from teaching.  He studied without ceasing for the difficult test he would have to take to get his license.

Daddy passed his test on the first attempt and went to work for Mr. Poss.

The first time I visited daddy in his office at Poss, a barn-style building on US 441, Mr. Poss greeted me with “Hello young-man, how are you today.”

Mr. Poss greeted me the same way the last time I saw him and the first time he saw me after moving back to Rabun, almost 30 years after leaving, he greeted me with “Hello young-man, welcome home.”

When I was a senior in High School, I was the editor of our Yearbook.

As we started planning for our Senior Superlatives photo-shoot, the yearbook team was discussing a location for us to go.  Mr. Poss and his Mary-George lived in a beautiful home on top of a mountain with incredible scenic views and we all decided it would be the perfect location for our shoot.

I went to Mr. Poss to ask his permission.  As if it were yesterday, I remember him asking, “young man, what Superlative were you chosen for.”  I told him I had been selected “Most Talented” and he exclaimed, well you will sit at the piano.

When we arrived at the Poss home, both he and Mrs. Poss were there to greet us.  They spent the day with us as we all had our photos taken.  As the day came to an end, Mr. and Mrs. Poss sat and talked with us.

He told us how proud we should be for being chosen for our honors by our class-mates and how these honors held responsibility for us to represent our class, our school, our families and our community with respect and pride.

This is the kind of man Ed Poss was, he took time out of his busy schedule to encourage young people to be the best they could be.

Mr. Poss was a good man, he encouraged, he supported, he loved and he represented our community with respect and love.

Ed Poss was a cornerstone of our community, a giant that we can all look to in gratitude, he will be missed.

Thank you Mr. Poss, this “young-man” is better for knowing you.


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