Christmas Playlist…. The Sweetest Gift performed by The Piano Guys and Craig Aven

I heard this song for the first time last night and it completely sums up feelings I try to hide during the Christmas season.

Like many of you, sometimes I find the magic of Christmas to be overwhelmingly sad, because those I love the most aren’t here to enjoy these times with me.  Although I know in my heart they are here, and I add the special memories to my decorations and traditions to include them, often during the season the grief is paralyzing.

I miss my loved ones every day, but there is something about Christmas that makes it more difficult.  While I am good at hiding it, I hold them close to my heart and in my alone times reflect on them even more.

The words of this song sum it all up, a perfect memory for those who celebrate with us in heaven.  While not here physically, in our hearts forever.