Christmas Playlist…. I’ll Be Home for Christmas performed by Rodney Atkins

When I left home after college, my mother had one rule….. always be home for Christmas.

I’m happy to say I never let her down on that request.  Sometimes I didn’t get there until Christmas Eve and more than once left on the 26th, but I was always home.

The older I got, the more I realized how important it was to be HOME for Christmas.  No matter where my home was, the home I wanted to be in was in Clayton, GA.

There is something about the gathering of family, the familiarity of childhood, the stockings, the tree, the old nativity just like they had been all my life, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Once my parents passed and I moved back to my hometown, my HOME for Christmas became my home, filled with memories and mementos of childhood Christmases.

Now, in my home, I find the memories of those special days to be even more important.  Home is where I’ll be this Christmas and every Christmas.  I hope the same for you, wherever your “HOME” may be.