Christmas Playlist…. All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey

Today is the birthday of two of my favorite cousins.  Ginger McCreight is my second cousin on my father’s side.  When I was young, I was the youngest of the first cousins and considerably younger than the others, Ginger was the first born second cousin and closer to my age than those older than me.

Ginger is a sweet southern lady.  She has been a cornerstone for our family and I love her very much.  I hope her day is incredibly happy and filled with blessings.

My second cousin Dede Babcock is a third cousin on my mom’s side.  Again, I was younger than most of the cousins of my generation and closer in age to the third cousins than the second.  Dede and I would see each other occasionally as children and then as we got older saw each other even less.

In our 20’s we reconnected and while I haven’t seen her in 30 years we talk almost every day.  She has a wicked sense of humor and makes me laugh, while always letting me know she loves me.  Dede and I are probably more alike than any of my other cousins, she is a “go-to” for me and I appreciate what a great mom, sister, daughter and cousin/friend she is!

I hope these special ladies receive all the birthday wishes they can imagine and know that I am thankful to call them family.


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