All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This should come as no surprise.  Anyone who ever checks into this blog knows I love the song Hallelujah, often sharing different versions as my song of the day on Life’s Playlist.

There are many versions I could have used here, but with the passing of Leonard Cohen this past year, it is only appropriate that I use the original.

Ending 2017 with my favorite song of all time….. Hallelujah.

All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Let It Be by The Beatles

It’s hard to imagine any list of all time favorite songs that doesn’t include The Beatles.

Their music is synonymous with greatness.  I could include any number of their melodies…

Hey Jude


Come Together

In My Life

and many more.

For the purposes of this list and because this is the one that speaks to me at this moment in my life, Let It Be.


All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Piano Man by Billy Joel

The song Piano Man changed my life.  Believe it or not, I used to sing.  I sang a lot, I sang in choirs, performance quartet, small groups and solos.

When I realized I actually had a voice was the first time I sang this song.  It was in High School at a State Arts Competition, I enjoyed it and got great feedback.

In my later years, I sang in college and later performed in a couple of musicals… it was tremendous fun!

This song brings those memories of performing back, I miss those days.  Who knows, maybe 2018 is a time to unclog the pipes and see if I can still carry a tune.

All-Time Favorites Playlist…. With a Little Help from My Friends by Joe Cocker

I think Joe Cocker was one of the greatest performers ever.  The emotion and raw power he put into his songs was incredible.

Two of his songs were in the running for my All-Time Favorites, either could have been here, but there was only room for one, the choices…..

You Are So Beautiful

and this one…..

With A Little Help From My Friends

All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Landslide, whenever I hear this song it takes me to a place of melancholy.  Stevie Nicks voice is haunting and at its best.

Sometimes a song can set an emotion, take you to a place, a time in life, Landslide does that for me.