Life’s Playlist… Home by Phillip Phillips

Tonight is my High School’s Homecoming game.

Decades later, the game doesn’t hold the same excitement as it did when I was in High School but Homecoming has a whole new meaning.

I never truly appreciated how special “Homecoming” was until I moved back to God’s Country two years ago, it really is a celebration of everyone who came before, those of us who helped make Rabun County High School what it is today.

It’s special to see people who worked at the school when I was a student still there and my former classmates now leading new generations through their youth.

Tonight I will don my red and white and cheer on the Wildcats.  The crowning of a new Homecoming Queen will hold special meaning to the students and all of us “old-timers” will cheer on the future while reflecting on the past.

Have a great Homecoming Rabun County High School, the memories you make today will carry you into your future!

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