Life’s Playlist….. What A Wonderful World performed by Louis Armstrong

Yesterday I witnessed the most amazing act of God’s creation that I have ever seen.

The eclipse that ribboned across America passed directly over Rabun County leaving us in the direct line of totality.

A year ago when I first heard about the eclipse passing over I thought no big deal.

Over the last few weeks I have been more concerned with what traffic would be like in our little town to imagine the celestial magic that would pass directly in front of my eyes.

Yesterday as my brother, sister-in-law and I prepared to go out and sit in the sun for two hours, the heat and gnats almost didn’t make the trek worthwhile.

We took their golf-cart out onto the fairway and waited.

As the moon started to pass over the sun, inch by inch covering the light it was interesting.

When the clouds came I was resigned to the thought that we would miss the eclipse, the one chance in my lifetime I would have to see this spectacle.

As storm clouds loomed, and clouds covered the sun we jumped in the golf-cart to try and find a better place to see the sun.

Just in time, we caught a glimpse of the sun and stopped the cart, there were cars pulled onto the side of the road and I could hear cheers in the distance.

And then, magic happened……

We were in totality, the sun was blocked by the moon, it was nighttime, a 360 degree sunset surrounded us, street lights came on and a glorious light ray encircled the sun!

It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen.  Cheers erupted and a sense of excitement filled my entire body, it was God’s amazing handiwork on display and we were all there to see it.

There is no way I can express how amazing it was in these words, all I can say is if you ever have the chance to witness a Total Solar Eclipse, DO IT….. go wherever it will be, you will be glad you did!

It’s nice to think, in a world where we seem to fall short in the basics of life, we can all pause for a moment and just stand in amazement of God’s power and what a wonderful world we live.