Life’s Playlist…. Vogue by Madonna

It’s Madonna’s birthday.

I had just entered college when Madonna hit the charts and she changed music and pop-culture on every level.

When she burst onto the scene, she did it with a brash, take no prisoners charge that captured the hearts and minds of a generation.

After hitting the charts with a number of songs, she then moved into movies and continued to shape world culture through fashion, music, acceptance and pushing the boundaries of what society expects.

While she has grown older, she continues to push the envelope of what it means to be a woman “of a certain age.”

In my opinion she sometimes pushes the envelope too far and it wouldn’t hurt her to move into a more subdued existence, but many people still love what she does and she now attracts audiences that would be the children and even grand-children of the fans who were originally drawn to her.

My favorite Madonna song is “Vogue,” I remember MANY nights of the dance-floor with friends striking a pose to the beat.

Happy Birthday Madonna, may you continue to influence and challenge.