Life’s Playlist….. Maybe This Time performed by Kristin Chenoweth

Today is the birthday of Jennifer Lopez and Kristin Chenoweth…… so of course, I chose Kristin for the playlist!
















Thank You and I am Sorry……

This week two beautiful souls from my childhood were promoted to Glory.

Debra Ramey Marchman and Lynn Jiles Ward, both passed away, both beautiful women inside and out.

Debra was one of my brother Tom’s best friends.  She and her ex-husband were both big parts of my childhood.

After Tom passed away, they helped keep me moving forward.  At five years old, I didn’t understand death, but what I did know was there were people who stepped up and took me under their wing helping me and my family during this difficult time.

In my mind Debra will forevermore be that beautiful 16-year-old girl on the sidelines and football field tossing her baton into the air and catching it with perfect precision on the beat of the drum.  Her smile was infectious and she always made time for a hug when a little boy ran up to her amazed at how she sparkled both from the sequins on her costume and the radiant light from her face.

Debra’s final years were difficult, her family protected her and cared for her, it is comforting to know that when she drew her last breath and was united with the Lord, her smile returned and that radiant spirit will now shine forever.

I can still picture Lynn Jiles gliding across the stage as she won the Miss RCHS pageant many years ago.

At the time, she epitomized beauty and grace in my mind.  Her beautiful smile, perfectly coiffed blonde hair and blue evening gown was as close to a movie star as I had ever gotten as a pre-school kid.

As a Senior in High School, and Editor of the yearbook, it was my job to help produce the yearly Miss RCHS pageant.  During my year,  we invited all of the past queens to be recognized at the pageant.  I had ulterior motives, I wanted to see Lynn Jiles.

When she arrived for the evening’s festivities she was still as beautiful and kind as she was so many years ago.  Her smile needed no spotlight to reflect her inner beauty and her kindness was the same as it had been many years earlier.  She still remained that perfect image of a movie star that I had so admired when I was a boy.

I am sorry to say I lost contact with Debra and Lynn through the years.  They were icons in my life when I was a child who needed comfort, I am sorry I never got to the tell them thank you.

There were many others who came to my side during that time.  They “adopted” me when our family was going through a grief that no family should have to endure.  Many of these same people were going through the same loss as I was, as Tom was their friend.

During those terrible days there were many people who came to the side of our family and for a young boy they became my surrogate big brothers and big sisters.

As I sat at Debra’s funeral yesterday I thought about them, I thought about Doug Stockton and Ronnie Hunter and Pat Coleman and Glendis Bearden, I remembered the kindness of Tim Marchman and Grady Nichols and Shirley Nichols.  So many faces and names passed through my thoughts and I felt a debt of gratitude to them all, many of whom I have lost contact with, Jan Rogers, George and Jim Gillespie, but all people I will forever hold in my heart.

There were more people than I can name here, more people than I can even remember who helped a little boy when he needed it most.  When I think of them, I still see those youthful faces filled with love, kindness and futures that would change the world.

Those faces did change the world, they graduated, moved on, had families, children, grand-children and spread love and kindness along the way.

They changed the world in their lives, but what many of them probably never knew was they changed the world of a little boy who had lost his brother many years sooner.  I am sorry I never got to tell them thank you, I am sorry I didn’t have the adequate words to say it sooner, I am sorry.

I am sorry I never let many of them know, but for the ones who took me aside and just gave a little love or big brother care, I say thank you, I appreciate you and will never forget you.

Sunday Playlist….. I’ll Fly Away performed by Alison Krauss

An Open Letter to CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment

Before I begin, let me say upfront, I realize this letter will never be seen by anyone who has the ability to do anything and I realize even in the remote chance it was, my opinions would not change anything…… but hey, I write and these are my opinions….. so….. here goes.

Dear CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment,

I a writing to you as a fan of Big Brother, someone who has watched every season since the show began.  Big Brother has been my summertime guilty pleasure for years.

As a fan of the show, I have watched and loved the people year after year.  Kaysar, Jase, Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Marcellas, Cowboy, Jordan and Jeff, Nicole, even Rachel, they have all captured my imagination summer after summer.

Now we come to Big Brother 19 and I have to say, you have missed the boat, BIG TIME!

I’m bored, I don’t even know the characters names and the repetition of summer after summer, same competitions with different colors has just become ho-hum!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Please, please PLEASE, I beg you with every ounce of my being, STOP bringing back past competitors!!!!  Guess what, they had their chance, they lost…. move on!

When I saw Paul, one of the most annoying characters in Big Brother history, come bounding through the door at the beginning of the season, the groan that escaped from my inner disgust still echoes through my living room four weeks later.

If you have former contestants you want to bring back, that’s fine…. do an All-Star Season, I can get behind that, but bringing back past characters who couldn’t get it done the first time is an insult to the other people in the house and the fans who tune in each week.

Here’s an idea for you, if you want to bring back past contestants, have a season of nothing but second place finishers, that is something we the fans would enjoy!

And by the way, if anyone truly believes the decision wasn’t made prior to the seasons start that Paul would receive that gift of almost 1/2 the season with immunity from eviction…. I have some ad space to sell you on a wall Mexico will be paying for on the border!  But I’ll come back to this later!

Let’s talk casting shall we?

When Big Brother began it was promoted as a house filled with strangers competing for an ultimate prize.  Today, the show has been relegated to a cast of characters that we have seen far too many times.

We have the quirky girl.

We have the Asian girl.

We have the girl with big boobs.

We have the hunky silent type guy.

We have the muscle head.

We have the flaming gay guy and btw, there are millions of gay people in America that don’t possess every negative stereotype associated with being gay, find one!

We have the old guy.

We have the black Christian woman.

We have the big guy who is a total train wreck.

And on and on….. here’s an idea….. STOP with the characters and START with bringing in interesting contestants that make for good television.  You used to do it, can you do it again or have you simply put this show on auto-pilot?

In the early days you took video submissions and people applied to be on the show…. today, you scour social media and nightclubs to fill a casting formula you think we want to see.  We don’t!

Earlier I referenced how the competitions have become repetitive.  HELLO!?!?!!?  Can no one in the production department come up with something new?

Putting new graphics and changing a competitions theme doesn’t make it new, it just makes a competition the same one you have been doing for years with a new theme and color scheme.

Last year I liked the Battle Back, it was a nice twist….. that doesn’t mean you needed to do it again this year.  And again, BTW, could those competitions have been designed for anyone but Cody to win?  Hello, he even stood beside the final puzzle and studied the course while the house-guests were finding out who would be his competitor.

The one bright spot of this summer has been the Den of Temptation, but let’s be clear, the producers fingerprints are all over the results.

No way the first temptation wasn’t determined for Paul to win.

You can bet your next paycheck, when Christmas needs to use her POV game card, the contest WILL be one she can compete in with her injury.

Interesting that the person who was Public Enemy number one last week got the power to overrule an eviction and when on the block she knew not to use it.

Please stop scripting what should be a game where everyone has the same chance at winning the prize as the people you deem to be your favorites.

Big Brother, what I am saying here is….. you have grown predictable and that is the last thing you need to be.

For years, we have heard Julie Chen tell us to “expect the unexpected,” maybe she should start telling us to expect the expected, because Big Brother has gotten repetitive and stale.

Fly on the Wall Entertainment, can you shake it up before Season 20 and give the show a reboot?  I certainly hope so.

I’m going to sign off now and hope that by the end of the season I learn the names of the grey haired guy and girl with big boobs, I think it would be nice to know that before the end of the summer, I’m sure they have an interesting story to tell, unfortunately we haven’t seen it.

I’ll keep watching, because I believe in the concept of what Big Brother should be, but if you all can’t come up with anything new, let me know, I’ll be glad to give you some ideas!


Kendall Rumsey

A Fan

Life’s Playlist…… Fly Me to the Moon performed by Frank Sinatra

Yesterday, in 1969, Neil Armstrong went where no other human had been before.

As part of the America’s mission to the moon, Armstrong strapped on his support pack, fastened his helmet in place and stepped on the moon, becoming a National Hero in the process.

His words…… “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” is seared into our brains and stands as a testament to the greatness of the human spirit.

I know my family was glued to our black and white television when this happened, but I don’t remember it.  As most Americans, I have seen the videos and still get chills today when I think about this awesome accomplishment.

No one really knew what would happen when the astronauts escaped earth’s orbit headed to the moon.  No one knew what would happen when the lunar explorer landed on the moon.  No one knew what would happen when Armstrong stepped onto the moon’s surface and no one knew if we would be able to get our heroes home.

We now know, the mission went without major issues and the heroic work of our astronauts and those who sent them into space stands as one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind.

Isn’t it amazing what can happen when we work towards a purpose and dedicate our efforts to making those dreams come true?  The possibilities are out of this world…….