A Good Read – “Underwater” by Chris Maxwell

Chris Maxwell’s latest book “Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brain Injury and Epilepsy Change Everything” is a book well worth reading for anyone who has  a challenge to overcome.

In 1996, Chris’ life changed when he was struck by encephalitis.  The infection almost ended his life, but what this book does is show the reader how, although changed, he has learned to live with the challenges that still affect him today, and flourish.

Not only was Chris’ life turned upside down, but so were the lives of his wife, sons, family, friends and co-workers.  This story is about the “new Chris” that emerged from his illness and how everyone in his life was affected.

While this personal story is about the results of encephalitis, the challenges and triumphs can be equated to anyone’s life.

Whether it is illness, loss, or other speed bumps we have to overcome, “Underwater” shares a journey that we can all celebrate and emulate as life’s challenges get in our way.

“Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brain Injury and Epilepsy Change Everything” is a great read, I am happy to recommend to anyone!

Other books written by Chris Maxwell include, “Beggars Can Be Chosen,” “Unwrapping His Presence,” “Changing My Mind,” and his acclaimed series, “Pause,” “Pause With Jesus,” “Pause for Moms” and “Pause for Pastors.”

“Underwater,” and Chris’ other books, may be found on Amazon .  He is published by True Potential Media.