The Voices In My Head…

I have voices that carry on a continuous conversation in my head….. you do too, right?  Right?

I’m not schizophrenic,  at least that is what the voices in my head tell me!

My grandmother used to tell me I had a vivid imagination, I guess I do.

I’m sure to some degree we all have voices that speak to us in our minds at certain times of life.  Some call it our conscience, others believe it is the Holy Spirit guiding us, I believe both to be true.

Those aren’t the voices I am referring to.  The voices that speak to me, and I love, are the creative stories that write themselves in my mind.

One of my jobs allows me to travel a lot, it is during those days, when I am alone, surrounded by masses of humanity that these voices go into overdrive.

I write stories about the total strangers I see, that includes their background, what they are doing, what they are talking about and where they are in their life.  I am not judging them, I am simply using the character they present in front of me to write a fictional story that relates to them.

An elderly couple traveling to the beach can become long-lost lovers who finally have reconnected after the loss of their original spouses.

A young person carrying their guitar with them could be heading to Los Angeles to meet with a record executive who will change their life with a signature on a recording deal contract.

When I see a group of school students, I pick out the kid who will escape from the group and explore a city like New York, or Paris or Calgary alone and the adventures he will have before being found and returned to the furious chaperones who were supposed to be keeping up with him.

Is that wrong, or just a creative outlet, or my schizophrenic voices overtaking my brain?

A couple of years ago, my family and I spent a week together on the beach.  One day while sitting in the sun, I started to share some of the “stories” of the people around us.

My family thought I had three heads, but I think they also enjoyed my imaginative stories.

For those of you who know me, let me explain, I don’t do this about you!  Ironically, I only create these characters and narratives about total strangers.

Yesterday, while shopping for hydrangea, I saw a group of people who obviously didn’t “fit” together.

By the time I had passed them, I had identified the hitch-hiker they had picked up on their way shopping, who turned out to be a world-class botanist and was helping the young family create their dream landscape.

Because of his efforts, the family, who was struggling financially, would have the most beautiful yard in town.

Their landscape would be featured in magazines and on websites and the family would take full credit for their masterpiece.

One day the plant-stranger would see them again, after they had received wide acclaim and fortune.  He came back to confront them.

Fearing the loss of their newfound fame, the dad took a shovel to the man’s head and killed him.

Drama, twists and turns, trials and espionage ensued with the “Plant Murder” coming to a fitting end with the hitch-hiker finally getting his recognition, although posthumously.

Yep, I’ve got voices in my head that extol me with stories of adventure, passion and commonality.  I hope these stories never go away, they help keep my wacky brain entertained.

An active imagination is a wonderful thing, so if you run across me one day and I appear to be in a world far, far way, don’t worry, I probably am!

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