Unthinkable Loss with the Promise that Sunday is Coming…… for Us All.

Yesterday a family in our community suffered an unspeakable loss, when their young daughter was killed in an accident.

When anyone passes it is sad, when a young preschooler is taken, the hole that tragedy leaves affects us all.

While I don’t know the family well,  I feel for them and cry for their pain.

As we go through life and face these tragedies, we hear people say the cruelest loss of all is when a parent has to bury their child.

From experience, I can say that people are changed forever when a son or daughter is taken too soon.  My parents and family were never the same after my brother passed away.

A young life filled with promise and life and the hope of a future that can make a difference in our world is one of life’s greatest joys, the loss of such a child is one of life’s great pains.

I think it is human nature to question God when these tragedies occur, why would a God who professes to love us, do something so cruel?  I am also confident that God has incredibly large shoulders, he can handle our questions, our anger and our lack of understanding.

There is no rhyme or reason, there is no understanding, as people of faith, we just trust that our Lord has a greater plan for this type of suffering.

As a community it is our responsibility to hold this family close, to provide shoulders of caring and pray for peace as they go through this unimaginable pain.

This family will never be the same.

It is ironic that this tragedy happened at the outset of Holy Week, a time when we of the Christian faith start today with shouts of Hosanna, quickly to be interrupted by the murder of our King and later the overwhelming joy of his resurrection.

I am sure Mary suffered and questioned the loss of her son Jesus on the cross, but with faith, her pain was met by a great reunion with her son Jesus.

This family will someday be reunited with their precious child as well, just as my parents were with my brother when they left this earth for life-everlasting

I can’t put into words what this family must be feeling today.  What I can do is hold them in my prayers and offer love at their loss.

My community is a caring one that will lift this family as they struggle through the coming days, weeks and years.

Another way to honor this child is to remember, life is fleeting, it can be snuffed out in the flash of an eye.  Hold your children close, let go of grudges that keep us from loving, forgive, accept each others short-comings and honor those who are in our lives.

Pain is a horrible thing to overcome, in many cases it is never overcome, but if we hold each other close and if we remember the ultimate sacrifice that Holy Week represents, maybe someday this family will be able to think about this precious child and smile instead of being overcome with grief.

Holy Week is here and the promise that “Sunday is Coming” is fitting to remember; for some, that Sunday may be decades away, but it will come and the reunion awaits for those who believe.

Sunday Playlist… A New Hallelujah by Michael W. Smith