The Scoreboard Doesn’t Always Tell the Full Story

One of the things I love most about living in a small town is the community spirit you find.  A perfect example of that spirit happened today.

The Rabun County High School Lady Cats played for the State Championship in Basketball….. they lost.

A loss anytime stings and coming so close to the championship is never easy, but the spirit and community pride that the players and coaches of the team created will live long into the story that this historic team wrote.

The young women who make up the Lady Cats team went further than any other major sports team in RCHS history.  Never before has a “major sport” been represented at the State Championship.

The young women were the first to play in a Final Four and the first to win in the Elite 8.  But more than wins and losses, the young women of the 2016-17 RCHS Lady Cats put their hearts on the court each time they played and until the final buzzer in the final second of the final game for the State Championship, they kept playing, they fought and they earned the respect of their competitors and the community they represent.

This season our team has been followed by friends, family, teachers, fellow students and general citizens around the State as they have played.

With each game they have brought pride to our community and given us something to cheer for.  We will cheer for this team long after the sting of this loss subsides.

While the young ladies who took to the court each night garnered most of the success they so richly deserved, I hope we will also remember their parents, siblings, grandparents, former coaches, teachers and friends who have helped shape them into the champions they are.

Pathways to success are created by legacies, these young women stand on the shoulders of many who came before and will be held up for their accomplishments by a grateful community.

The 2016/17 Lady Cats did something no other RCHS team has ever done…. Congratulations Champs, you deserve all the accolades that will come to you.  Not only for your play on the court, but for the examples you have shown to an entire community.