Will We Be Americans Again?

seal_of_the_president_of_the_united_states-svgTonight the road to the White House takes another step towards the ultimate outcome in early November.

I expect tonight’s debate will be another shit show of who can run to the mud quickest, pulling the American people with them.  It is a sad state of affairs that the greatest nation in the history of earth finds itself.

Sadly, whomever is elected will find themselves unpopular with over 1/2 the nation, a sad truth that leaves little chance of a successful presidency or resolution to the problems that lie ahead for our country.

I have stayed out of this election, I won’t be saying who I vote for, one of the things my father taught me long ago is we vote by secret ballot for a reason.

Some will say they “know” who I am going to vote for, I assure you they don’t.

The reason for this post has nothing to do with who I will vote for, or who you will vote for or even who is elected.  The reason for this post is to say, whomever is elected WILL be my President, I will pray for them and honor the decision of the electorate, regardless of who wins.  Will you?

Will you put our country first?

Will you put country over party?

Will you put country over hatred?

Will you?  Will you follow the example of the citizens of these United States for generation after generation and honor the presidency AND the President?

If not, you’re no better than those you criticize.

I pray for our country, I pray for our President, both present and future, and I pray for our citizens.

I pray that one day we will find that more perfect union that we have been striving for since our forefathers issued the challenge.

We won’t get there divided, it is time for us all to put the BS behind us, work together and find solutions that help us once again exemplify the light of the world, a world that needs us as much as ever.

Political debate is good, political discourse is honorable, but hatred and a constant attempt to destroy the other side by BOTH parties must end, it is time that we once again became the UNITED States of America.

What Do You Think?

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