World’s Greatest Snow Fan

I have loved snow since I was a child, it has always given me a happy, carefree feeling.

As a child snow days meant, staying home from school, snow skiing, snow ice cream, snow men, snowball fights and sledding.

As an adult, it means great memories and comfort.

Living away from God’s Country for so long, one of the things I missed most was snow.  It doesn’t snow a lot in South Florida and whenever I heard of snow coming to my town it would increase my level of homesick.

Moving back to God’s Country, enjoying a few snow days has been one of my greatest joys.  Today, we are having another one of those surprise snows, that just popped up.  Snows like this one remind me even more of childhood when we didn’t have phone-apps, we just woke up to Apple Savage announcing on the radio “no school today, no school today!”

As much as I enjoy the snow, I don’t even come close to my mother.  As far as I can tell, she was the World’s Greatest Snow Fan!  

When we were building our house, she had the living room designed with windows all the way across the back  so “I can sit in my chair and watch the snow come across the mountain.”

Mama watched many snows through those windows and I think she loved every single one.  Whenever she would announce to no one in particular  “it looks like snow out there,” her voice would have just a bit more excitement in it than other times.

I don’t have huge windows in my house, but they are large enough that I am able to sit and enjoy the snow falling in the woods and onto the golf course.

Snow makes me feel really close to my mama, the quiet flutter of the flakes and the blanketing of the landscape warms my soul and makes me feel close to her again.

I love being in God’s Country when it snows, for the beauty and the comfort.

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