America In Revolt


I was talking to a friend last night and he made the comment that if the GOP leadership does something to keep Donald Trump out as the nominee there will be a revolt.

I advised him that the revolt is already happening.

America is in revolt, a revolt against the political elite on both sides of the aisle.

The Democratic party finds their anointed one fighting off a socialist septuagenarian who only identifies as a Democrat when it is useful to him.

The Republican party finds itself backed into a corner by a Reality TV personality businessman, a surgeon, and a first term Senator who is so unpopular with his co-workers that they don’t even speak to him.

The electorate has turned against both sides “dream candidates.” The ones they have been grooming for the Presidency for years, the ones who would continue on with the path so well-traveled.

The American people are saying “no” to these political figure heads and also saying “no more.”

America IS in revolt……is this revolt needed?  You-betcha!

The political elite, on both sides, has segregated themselves from those who sent them to govern, now the American people are taking them to the woodshed.

For too long, those elected to office have put their own personal interests ahead of the American people.  They have passed laws that protect them, they have created programs that only they benefit from and they have lined their pockets with the cash of big money backers who want things done their way.

What’s the quickest way to become a millionaire?  Go to Congress!

The greed of our elected class has spread fecal matter from Florida to Alaska and Hawaii to Maine, now the American people are sending them a message loud and clear….. clean it up or be sent home.

You would have thought that the Political Class would have learned their lesson when Eric Cantor was sent packing.  They didn’t, they just kept doing what they do…. whatever that is.

You would have thought the Political Class would have learned their lessons when Jeb Bush couldn’t escape single digit support in  the polls, they didn’t.

You would have thought the Political Class would have learned lessons when people like Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton became spokespeople for a movement, they didn’t.

The political class didn’t learn their lesson because we didn’t present it in a way that was clear.  Now we are.

Previously we had the wrong messengers, now with the “outsider” candidates from both sides, the American people feel like we have a voice and we are going to use that voice to yell from the mountain tops!

“You are broken and like it or not, we are going to repair you.”

The United States Congress and President are supposed to be representatives of the American people, not greedy, self-absorbed, elitists who worry more about themselves and their party than the country they are elected to represent.

The Library of Congress reports that since 2001, the United States Congress has worked an average of 139 days per year.  Each member of Congress is paid $174,000 per year or $1,251.80 per day of work.  This doesn’t include the perks and benefits of the job with their own brand of health insurance, travel expenses, lifetime pension and the like.

You would think with a pay and benefits package like the one our Congress has they may actually get to work and find common ground on the issues that affect our nation…. nope, they don’t.

I learned in 5th grade civics, 50% of something is better than 0% of nothing, unfortunately our elected leadership doesn’t seem to understand this.

Our politicians promise one thing to get elected and then begin going back on those promises as they lift their hands off the Bible after taking the oath of office.

As an example, the GOP promises to cut taxes, they promise to cut spending and the debt, they promise to do something about illegal immigration.  They haven’t and they won’t.

The Democrats promise to close Gitmo, provide tax relief for the middle class and do something about illegal immigration.  They haven’t and they won’t.

Both parties pledge to “work together, reach across the aisle to get things done” on the campaign trail and then they cower behind the walls of their party to prevent anything from happening that can cause positive results for our country.

Both parties blame the other for their inability to get things done, it’s true the other side does hold much of that blame….. BOTH SIDES hold that blame.

This brings us to today.

WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the do nothing, blame the other side attitude.   We are tired of having a President who blames Congress, a Congress who blames the President, Democrats who blame Republicans and Republicans who blame Democrats.  We are tired of the right blaming the left and the left blaming the right….. we are tired and now, finally we are taking action.

While we express our dissatisfaction through the ballot box, the political elite chews their own arms off pointing blame at everyone else for the situation they find themselves in.

The American electorate is at a point where we are willing to overlook some of our own core beliefs, to hire someone to lead our country who owes nothing to the special interests.  Someone who doesn’t care about continuing to send the same elected officials to their cushy jobs year after year.  And most importantly only wants to help fulfill the dream of a promised nation long before special interests and career politics muddied the waters.

We are looking for someone who is willing to go to Washington DC and shake things up.  We don’t really care if it is going to be ugly and people’s feelings are going to be hurt, we want real change, we want real hope, we want action and we want those who have put us into the position we are today to be held accountable.

We want this so much that a faux-Democrat and a faux-Republican are the favorites of many in our nation.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike all want one thing, we want our country back!

This is our moment, it’s now or never and WE THE PEOPLE either take our country back or we get what we deserve.  If we allow the political class to dictate this election, the way they have so many others, we deserve the nation that we have now, the one that gets nothing done, the one that is separated at every turn, the country that no longer functions or excels.

Will we the American people take our country back?  All signs point to yes….

Millions of us are willing to overlook our own personal interests to elect a President who only cares about changing the incestuous fraternity that has brought our nation to a place of discourse and inaction.

WE THE PEOPLE aren’t finished either, those who are in places of power lead or they are replaced, it is really a very simple formula

The real message of this campaign doesn’t appear to be resonating with the political elite as yet.  For anyone who doesn’t understand, let me plainly state the facts….. WE THE PEOPLE are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

To the political elite, get on board or get kicked off the train, the decision is a simple one.

The revolt is underway!

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