Life’s Playlist…. Believe by Cher, Dedicated to a Goddess

A friend was recently diagnosed with ovarian and peritoneal cancer.

She is a vibrant, funny, intelligent woman who I served with on the Lake Park Town Commission.

I learned during our years on the Commission that she is a FIGHTER and she is already proving that in this latest battle.

Tonight, she will be hosting  “Henna Goddess Night” where she will “crown” her now bald head with a beautiful henna crown of hope and healing.

I think a Goddess crown is the perfect accessory for my friend Patti and I know that it will be a comforting accompaniment through this journey.

Most of my friends know that my goddess is Cher, so Patti, from one goddess to another…. BELIEVE in your healing and keep fighting!


2 thoughts on “Life’s Playlist…. Believe by Cher, Dedicated to a Goddess

  1. Wow! Thanks, Kendall, for your beautiful words of love and support. I sure do appreciate being lifted up!!! This is tough stuff, but I must believe I am tougher, and when I doubt myself, I am so grateful to have such compassionate friends who are willing to walk a tough path with me and remind me to BELIEVE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

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