Life’s Playlist…. Colour My World by Chicago & Happy Birthday, Cindy Chlupacek

Today is my friend Cindy Chlupacek’s birthday.

I have known her since I was 5 and she was one of the first people I reconnected with when I moved home.

Cindy is brilliant, honestly one of the smartest people I have ever known, but when I think of her,  I think of “sketch Cindy.”

Growing up, Cindy always “doodled” amazing fashion.  Her beautiful designs could fill a gallery, boutique or New York runway.

Happy Birthday Cindy, your talent is amazing, your intelligence is astounding but your friendship is appreciated.

Love you…… now GO SKETCH!

Life’s Playlist…. Somebody to Love performed by Jordan Smith

Sunday Playlist… Peace in the Valley performed by Elvis Presley

Happy Birthday Mama ~ Life’s Playlist…. In My Life performed by Better Midler

Mama Young 2

Today is my mama’s  birthday, she would be 84 years old.

It’s still hard to believe a month after her birthday in 2010, she left us for her home in heaven.

Not a day goes by, hardly an hour, that I don’t think of her.  Her influence guides me as much today as it did when she was alive.  

I miss her and will love her until the day we are reunited in heaven.

Happy Birthday Mama, I love you forever!