The Family Vote

I began laying the ground work to move back to God’s Country about a year before it actually happened.

Fortunately with the sale of the work property in Florida, my new owners promoted me to managing a number of properties on the east coast.  This would afford me the opportunity to travel.

In my mind it was simple, I could live in God’s Country and travel for work.

A few days before daddy died we were talking and he looked at me and said “you’re getting ready to move home aren’t you?”

We had never discussed it but I confirmed what he knew in his heart.  Yes, I was trying to move home.

“Well good, come on home, it’s time” was his response.

After he passed I put my plan into overdrive, it WAS time to come home.

My niece Chelsea and I looked at a condo I had found on Zillow, I loved the view, the condo was nice, but it wasn’t special.

When I came home for Christmas, on Sunday, December 21st, Sam, Donna, Chelsea, Zachary, an unborn Hadley Rae and I all piled into cars and went and looked at the condo.

Then we all went and looked at a house on the west side of town.

We then came back and looked at the condo again, when Sam said, “let’s go look at one more house, I think you will like it.”

The house was a couple of doors down the street from Sam and Donna, I had looked at it from the outside, but had not been in.

When we walked in, I fell in love.  I think we all fell in love.  The house had charm and was the perfect size for Lita and I.

That day, one year ago today, the five of us stood in the living room of my future home and took a vote.  It was unanimous, this was my home…. the home I would be coming home to.

While it would take me a few more months to make the move a reality, my little piece of God’s Country became my reality one year ago today.

A decision that I have never once regretted.


2 thoughts on “The Family Vote

  1. Whoever said you can’t come home again, never lived in Rabun County. You can move in and take up the reins just where you left them. Glad you were able to come home.

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