Sunday Supper, My Favorite New Tradition

When I moved back to God’s Country, one of the things that was most important to me was being able to spend time with my family.

I had missed out on so many wonderful moments while living in Florida; I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on any others.

Immediately after moving back, I implemented Sunday Supper.  The entire family is invited, 6PM at my house.

I cook and we all sit down together and enjoy a meal.

My love of cooking and these family gatherings were passed down from mama and daddy.  I think they were at their best when cooking a big meal for those they loved and then sitting down at the table to enjoy.

Sunday Supper has quickly become the highlight of my week.

I have done numerous meal combinations, last night was reminiscent of what we grew up on, supper direct from the garden.  (Not mine, but a friends.)

What’s on the menu…..

7.19.15 SSBaked chicken breast with mushrooms

Corn on the cob

Squash and onion

Butter beans


“Pink” salad – mama used to call this “Ken’s Salad” because it was my favorite.


Homemade banana ice cream

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