The Cross = Love……. For All

glbt_christian_pride_sticker-rd6063fcffa104d8fb6cfc1361091dbf2_v9waf_8byvr_324Today is Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week.

For Christians, the journey of Holy Week represents the cornerstone of our entire faith.

During this week we will celebrate the arrival of Jesus as the King of the Jews, and his triumphant march into Jerusalem.

Our emotions will run the gamut as we commemorate his glorious welcome, into a time or reflection at the Disciple’s Last Supper, the betrayal of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, his judgment and ultimate death on the cross for our sins.

His blood poured out for all who believe, for all who come unto his name, the ultimate sign of forgiveness and love…. for all.

A new week will begin with the celebration of Christ’ resurrection in triumph over evil and signify his journey into heaven, preparing a place for all who love him.

This year, my Church is using the keywords “The Cross, Equals, Love” for our recognition of Holy Week.  As I sat this morning in service and prepared to symbolically nail my sins to the cross, I couldn’t help but wonder,  if Jesus, the one who gave the ultimate sacrifice welcomes me to the cross, why do others in his name not do the same.

As I sat in service this morning, my heart was filled with the love of a Savior who would die for me, for me and my sins.  A Savior who welcomes me to the cross, arms out-stretched with only one agenda…. love.

At the end of the service, I stood in line with the other congregants and nailed my slip of red paper to the cross.  This red paper that I had scribbled one word on, this slip of paper representing my sin attached to the loving cross of Christ.

Many at the cross were moved to tears, like those who were there with Jesus when he shed his blood for us all so many years ago.

As I drove home, I couldn’t help but think about the real world issues of the day and wonder if those “christian” ideals mirror that of Christ and his blood-shed on the cross.

I reflected upon a Facebook post, I had seen just this morning.  The post of a friend who lamented that members of his family had turned against him because they learned he was gay.   Their “christian” beliefs didn’t support his “lifestyle.”

Is that what Jesus would do?  Would Jesus close the door on a family member, because they don’t understand a segment of the person’s life?  Would Jesus refuse to see someone because they are gay?  What would Jesus do?

When I got home, ABC’s This Week was on featuring an interview with Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

The Governor was on to “clarify” his position on a law he signed this week called the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Many believe the Indiana law does nothing more than provide government sanctioned discrimination of gays.

The Governor, side-stepped through the interview without ever answering host George Stephanopoulos direct question.  Does Governor Mike Pence believe homosexuals are entitled to the same civil liberties as other Indianans?  Governor Pence, I believe many Christians would appreciate an answer to the question.

As the Governor, and other supporters of the law hang their hats on the religious freedoms, I wonder, what would Jesus do?

Would Jesus create laws to discriminate or does his law….. “Love your neighbor, as you love yourself” (Mark 12:31) outweigh bigotry and so-called religious freedoms.

It’s Holy Week, the week we as Christians honor the cornerstones of our faith.  The death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior for the sins of those who lay our burdens at the cross and walk with him.

Sadly, there are members of the Christian faith who still need to learn; the blood of Jesus is for us all, not only those who look and act the same way we do, but for everyone.

The cross equals love…… for EVERYONE!