How the 101% Principle Could Change the World – @JohnCMaxwell @CFImpact

101%This past Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite speakers, Dr. John C. Maxwell preach.

Dr. Maxwell is a renowned teacher on the principles of Leadership.

This particular sermon was on the power of connections.  How we as people need strong connections with our community to reach our full potential.  During the talk, Dr. Maxwell spelled out his “101% Principle.”

In short, the 101% Principle is  to find the 1% we agree on and give it 100% of our effort.  If you think about it, this logic is simple, however too often we as a society concentrate much more on the 99% and never get to the 1%.

Imagine what could happen in a world where people concentrate on the things we have in common and not let our differences overshadow everything else.

Recently, the people of Ferguson Missouri have seen their community ripped apart by their differences.  Imagine the dialogue that could have taken place and the healing that could have been done if leaders of the African-American community, leaders of the police departments, leaders of the white community would have all just sat down and talked.

I believe the conversation would have started something like, “It is a tragedy that young man was shot and killed by a police officer.”  On that realm I think everyone can agree, now if those same people would have dedicated their time and efforts 100% into that 1% agreement, the city could have stood strong TOGETHER and been an example of racial healing and moving towards a united future.

Certainly there would have been disagreements along the way.  There would have been areas of mistrust and healing that needed to take place on BOTH sides of the debate, however if the conversation would have always come back to, “It is a tragedy that young man was shot and killed by a police officer,” positive impact could have been made and the burning embers of former businesses would not be littering the streets of our nations heartland.

Our elected leaders can’t seem to get out-of-the-way of themselves because of their philosophical and party differences.  How awesome would it be if every elected official, from the President of the United States down decided to concentrate 100% of their efforts towards the 1% commonality that they are all elected to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  Certainly if these ideals were upheld by our leaders our “do-nothing” congress could be regarded for their accomplishments and not their failures.

John Maxwell has it right, if we as a people, would concentrate 100% of our efforts towards the 1% we have in common, instead of our differences, I am confident we would find our common goals and objectives intersect more often.

Recently a friend and I had an argument, it wasn’t anything major but we just couldn’t seem to get past it.  Every conversation we had since the initial argument fell apart because of this one thing we didn’t agree on.

After hearing about the 101% Principle, I called my friend and asked him to meet me for dinner.  When we sat down, I spoke first and reminded him that he was my friend and I knew the feeling was mutual.  I then told him I was going to devote 100% of my effort into that one fact.  He agreed to do the same.

From this common agreement we had a great dinner and discussed many topics.  We tread lightly on the disagreement we had, however we were able to discuss it with grace and mutual respect.  Neither of us walked away with our minds changed on the topic, but what we did walk away with was a commitment to our friendship.

This 1% agreement of shared friendship is far more important to both of us than the area we can’t come to common ground on.  I will place 100% of my effort on the commonality and not let the discourse prevail.

Imagine what could be accomplished in our world if we all choose to focus on the 1%, 100% of the time, the good we could accomplish certainly could be transforming.

Christmas Playlist…..Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Christmas Playlist…..Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra