Christmas Playlist… O Come, Emmanuel by @PianoGuys


Christmas Playlist… O Come, Emmanuel by @PianoGuys

Good Guys Are Expected to Win Too…. @UGAAthletics #BulldogNation @AJCSports

g-logoIt seems like every year I say to my friends, “yes, but he is a really good guy.”  Honestly, I am tired of saying it.

This year the Georgia Bulldogs lost three games to inferior teams.  There is no reason that they are not undefeated and headed to Atlanta to compete for the SEC Championship and sitting in the driver’s seat for a National Championship birth.

Alas, they aren’t.

Every year we seem to lose games we should win.  The latest, today to our in-state rival, Georgia Tech.

Once the game was over, I started noticing on my Facebook feed, the “I love my Dawgs” posts followed by Mark Richt is a good guy.

Yes, by all accounts, Mark Richt is a good guy, but I have never heard stories of Nick Saban, kicking kittens or Gus Malzahn, keeping food from children, or Mark Helfrich locking people in a basement.  The difference is, these guys don’t hang their hats on “being a good guy.”  They hang their hats on winning.

The Georgia Bulldogs under the leadership of Mark Richt, have won two SEC Championships.  The last one was in 2005, Nick Chubb was 10 years old when Georgia won that title.

I’m not one of those who jumps on a bandwagon to fire a coach.  I don’t think we are at that point, and people with much more influence than I must make those decisions.  However, I do believe that when someone is being guaranteed compensation of $3.2 million per year, plus bonuses,  it isn’t out of the question to expect victories.

A loss to South Carolina was hard to swallow.  A loss to Florida was embarrassing and a loss to Georgia Tech was unforgivable.  Something must change.

It seems as though every year our teams go on the field, in at least one game,  and appear to lack motivation,  have their heads in the game or have the killer instinct to put a game away.

This week, the excuse will be the letdown of not making it to the SEC Championship.  If Georgia had not lost the two games earlier in the season, we would not have had to depend on another team to stamp our ticket to Atlanta, we would have done it convincingly on our own.

Somewhere along the line, things aren’t clicking.  I don’t know if it is a lack of motivation, a lack of discipline, a lack of coaching, but the buck stops with Richt.  Trips to Orlando every January aren’t enough and this year, a trip to Orlando is probably out of our reach.

Every year we hear about that the Dawgs had one of the best recruiting classes in the nation.  Every year we are ranked with the elite and held up when we fall to a lesser team.

It’s time that the potential of a Mark Richt tenure meet an actuality.  Nine years is too long to wait for an SEC Championship and with the caliber of players who sign on to his teams, 13 years without at least playing for a National Championship is too long too.

The way I see it, 2015 is a must year for Richt, it is time to make the changes needed and take the team to a promised land that the players, students and fans deserve.

Being a good guy is important, but so is winning!

Christmas Playlist….. We Need A Little Christmas performed by Johnny Mathis


Christmas Playlist….. We Need A Little Christmas performed by Johnny Mathis

Give Thanks….

It’s Thanksgiving morning and as the world passes by, I reflect back on what there is to be thankful for.  It seems like the world has gone crazy and the bad far outweighs the good.

We live in a country where our differences still have power over our harmonies.  Cities burn in anger, politicians point fingers and our desire for being right pales in comparison to finding common ground.

In my own life, sadness and grief fill my days as a new stage begins without my parents on this earth.

What is there to be thankful for?

This year, I find myself looking at the small things in life, gestures, kindness and adventures to come that give me reason to be abundantly thankful.

On Thanksgiving morning, 2014, I am thankful for friends who stop by my office “just to give you a hug.” Or friends who text, call and email with messages of love and support. Friends who check back day after day to make sure that I am hanging in and know I have a shoulder to lean on when needed.

I am thankful for the laughter of a child, enjoying the treats found in a Marketing Director’s office.  The fascination and million questions delivered when I needed them most.

I am thankful for people who ignore signs that say “Family Only” and enter anyway, saying I am family…. and you know they mean it.

My heart is filled with the generosity of people who honor a life and help inspire future generations through scholarship.

I am overwhelmed by nurses and Hospice staff who become confidants, support and gentle friends.  These people, are able to make life’s transition bearable, offering words of grace and support when they are most needed.  People who stand in line, to greet a family they barely know, when a loved one passes…. just because.

I am thankful for friends old and new, people who share stories and others who sit and listen.  I am thankful.

When the world seems to be running amok, I am thankful for a family that circles our wagons and shares love with one another.  While small in number, I am thankful that we are Rumsey’s, people of strength, compassion, irreverence, modernity and history.  I am thankful.  And I am thankful for the adventures, and promise of future joy yet to come.

This year I am thankful.  When I sit down to too much turkey and fixings, I will be thankful.  Loss is part of life and I am thankful for the adventures and blessings I had for 50 years with a man who exemplified character.  I am thankful, that I know I will see him again and I am most thankful knowing that he is enjoying a reunion with my mom, brother and countless other loved-ones.

Thanksgiving is about taking stock in the good and bad in our lives and realizing we have much to be thankful for.  It is also a time to realize, maybe it is the small things that are most important after all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…… I am thankful!

Life’s Playlist…. What A Wonderful World performed by Tony Bennett and k.d. lang

happy thanksgiving_t

Life’s Playlist…. What A Wonderful World performed by Tony Bennett and k.d. lang