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LogoBig Brother 16 is quickly coming to a close.  Over the next few days we will crown a new winner and our withdrawal will begin.

Big Brother is my summer obsession.  This year, CBS did some freshening of the show and I think some of the new additions were good…. although that doesn’t mean they need to be part of the show again next year, KEEP IT FRESH!

I liked the dual HOH and Battle of the Block, although I thought the producers carried the twist one week too far.

I think it is time to do away with slop, I will never complain if we don’t have to see another season with Have-Nots and America’s Team and Rewind Weeks can go away please!  I don’t like it when outside forces interfere with the game, the concept of the show is to put these people in a house and see what happens.  When the viewers and production have an influence it works in opposition to the show’s concept.

After the cluster of drama, bigotry and just plain nastiness that made Big Brother 15 the worst in the series history, I was curious what would happen this year.  I applaud the producers for casting a season that was made up of all types of characters, but characters who created a family for our summer viewing.  Some critics complain that there wasn’t enough drama this year, I enjoyed seeing people from different backgrounds, beliefs and sections of the country find their commonality while competing to be named the champion.

For me, the most important moment of the season happened in week one.  With the new double HOH competition, seeing the flamboyant Frankie and the redneck cowboy Caleb sharing a room could have been disaster.  What we saw in that first week warmed my heart and gave me hope for our future, when these two polar opposites joined together to work as a team.

This common bond between Caleb and Frankie has carried through the entire season, any phobias related to sexuality, race, religion or regional bias has been squashed.  The competitors have fought their battles with fun and respect and I applaud them for that.

Of course, I would have liked to see some big moves made in the game, but what we have seen is players keeping their commitments to their teammates and moving on to victory and $500k payout.

At the beginning of the season, I shared my first impressions of the cast, below you will find those word for word from the two night premier posts.  Now will be a good time to go back and see how those opinions held up through the summer with my final impressions. and predictions.


JoeyJoey –

First Impression – blue hair, way liberal, left-wing, will cause fights and be short-lived on the show.

Final Impression – I called that one!








paola_shea-550x825Paola –

First Impression – narcissist, man-eater

Final Impression – she didn’t last long enough to put her claws into anyone, she was a non-entity.








DevinDevin –

First Impression – HOT, single dad and could be a contender IF he isn’t seen as too much of a threat.

Final Impression – well he was hot, but SUCH a pain in the ass.  One of the most annoying players I have ever seen play this game.  In case you don’t know… he has a daughter.







BritBrittany –

First Impression – hottie divorcee with three kids, sexy MILF.  I think being away from her kids will be tough on her, but she appears to be good socially and athletically.

Final Impression – I never understood why Brittany didn’t do better in this game.  She seemed like a natural and I never thought she caused anyone any problems.  I think her game was ruined by misperceptions, jealousy and fear.





amber-borzotra-01Amber –

First Impression – pretty girl, athletic, think she will be fun to watch.

Final Impression – a case of unrequited love was the downfall of Amber’s game.





JocastaJocasta –

First Impression – preacher, mother will be a lightning rod in the house.

Final Impression – I misjudged Jocasta, she was more of a wallflower than lightning rod.  I wish we would have learned more about her back story.  I think Jocasta could have been an interesting character and her life’s history could have been a major storyline this season.  Jocasta is a case of missed opportunities.





BB16 HaydenHayden –

First Impression – this season’s McCrae.

Final Impression – I think the McCrae analogy stands up.  Hayden was a fun-loving character, who could have been a big gamer if choices made at the beginning of the season would have fallen his way.







ZachZach –

First Impression –  a kid from right here in PBG FL., I know some guys who know him and they all describe him with one word…. crazy.  He should be fun to watch.  A self-professed liar and know it all, maybe he won’t be fun to watch!

Final Impression – Like much of America, I fell in love with this kid.  He was battered and abused by the person he trusted most and unfortunately paid the price.  What I love most about Zach is, as much as he wanted to be a villain, he just couldn’t do it.  This was just a big kid who wanted to have fun and when he left the house, a lot of joy went with him.  I look forward to seeing him on an  All-Stars edition!




DonnyDonny –

First Impression – country boy, will be out quick, still lives at home with mama and daddy. Nicest guy to ever play Big Brother.

Final Impression – isn’t it funny that my very first impression of Donny is also my last…. the nicest guy to ever play the game of Big Brother.  But not only  was he nice, he was a player, he won competitions when he needed to and he played a good social game.  Donny leaves the most popular player of the season.







NicoleNicole –

First Impression – small town girl, will be a crier, Big Brother super fan, her skin isn’t thick enough.

Final Impression – Nicole is the contestant I misjudged the most.  Her skin was DEFINITELY thick enough, it was thick enough to come back into the house a second time and never give up.  It was smart for the men to get her out of the house, because if she were still there, her chances of winning would be excellent.







ChristineChristine –

First Impression – millennial, way too smart for her own good, already bored with her, she is going to play WAY too hard.

Final Impression – my guess is that when the dust of Big Brother 16 settles, Christine will be the one who wishes she had never gone on the show.  The cameras following her every move proved to be too much and her life will be forever changed.  Christine has a lot to answer for outside the house, and by the reception she received from an audience of fans, and the cold shoulder she received in the Jury House, I would guess none of it is going to be easy.






That ends my look back on the past contestants.  Moving forward, the order of finish is pure speculation, but my guess is, I will be pretty close.

Frankie-GrandeFrankie –

First Impression – flamer…. ANNOYING, the gay stereotype I hate to see on these shows.

Final Impression – what I didn’t know about Frankie on day one was he would be a major gamer.  His physical abilities made him someone to keep an eye on.  If it wasn’t for the rewind, he would have remained a contender.  Ironically, both competitions that were replayed were ones he won before the rewind, the second time around Frankie wasn’t as lucky and the houseguests will use the opportunity to evict him.

At times I was a Frankie fan, but more often than not, he continued to annoy me and his constant need to be on camera and in character wasn’t my cup of tea.  He will go back to being a social media maven and flicker in the shadow of his famous sister.  I expect to see Frankie and Caleb as partners, next year on The Amazing Race.



CalebCaleb –

First Impression – metro sexual country boy, he may completely annoy me and be a bit too full of himself to go very far in the game.  I see the others evicting him at their earliest opportunity.  Expect him to cause at least one house explosion before he goes.

Final Impression – I misjudged Caleb.  He became one of my favorites.  He is funny, great at competitions, played a good social game and quite frankly he got my heart when he paired up with Frankie week one.  He still can’t dress, lives in an alternate universe and thinks he has been more of a star than he actually has been, but I like the guy.  He has been fun and the most loyal person in the house this year….. plus, he is still very nice to look at!  Like I said with Frankie, Caleb isn’t done, I expect to see him on The Amazing Race next year and any other reality show or commercial he can get onto…. Caleb loves the spotlight and is convinced it shines brighter when he is front and center.




This is where it gets tricky.  Who will go to the Final Two, both guys know if they take Victoria they are guaranteed a 1/2 million dollar payday, but will loyalty rule the day?

BB16 VicVictoria –

First Impression – sexy, orthodox, should be interesting, I can see major conflict between her and Paola.

Final Impression – for weeks I didn’t even know this girl was on the show, no way I could have told you her name.  Then one day, Derrick took her under his wing and she became part of the mix.  She has never won a competition and I don’t expect she will.  Her social game is mediocre and she has been the epitome of a floater.  But she is Derrick’s floater and one of the components that he has put in place to carry him to the end of the game.




CodyCody –

First Impression – cute, hot body, All-American boy soccer player… CONTENDER

Final Impression – I anticipate Cody will win the final HOH and his loyalty will cost him $450k.  Cody was great in competitions all season.  He had a good social game and in the search for the “rat” provided one of the season’s great memories.  At some point during the season, Cody forgot how to talk, all of his conversations were either whispers or yelling, there was no in-between.  Cody’s success on Big Brother, coupled with good looks and personality have laid the groundwork for a career after the show.







BB16 DerrickDerrick –

First Impression – undercover cop, if he is any good at his job he could win this thing!

Final Impression – from day one, Derrick has been my pick.  He has played one of the smartest games in Big Brother history and will go down as one of the greats.  When he wins, and I expect it to be a 6 – 3 vote, his victory will be the biggest ever on Big Brother.  With Team America additions his dollar total will be impressive.  It will be interesting to see what the others say and think when they discover he is a cop.

Derrick has played a close to perfect game, he deserves all the rewards he will receive.





One last note, thanks to CBS and the production crew for another good season, I look forward to 17 and do hope that you will continue to freshen the show each year with new twists and turns.  There is no foul in rolling something out one year and not the next.  Also, thanks to the bloggers who stay on top of the season, while one (not mentioned here) thinks he is the next Perez Hilton, is rude to other BB fans and takes himself FAR too seriously, those listed here provide a great service…..




you all are appreciated… now get some sleep, you have earned it!

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