SPOILERS – #BB16 – 9.10.14 – A Slap in the Face @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother – New HOH Update

LogoI realise I am supposed to write-up elimination night from Big Brother here and usually this is an exciting post…. tonight, I have to be honest, I am PISSED!

We all knew about the Rewind coming and have joked for a week about how the week has been wasted.

Little did I expect the producers and CBS would literally prove that we the fans have wasted our time on this show for a full week.

Not only was the week reversed, but we are getting the SAME GAMES replayed…. wow, who does that benefit?  FRANKIE

It has been suspected, that all season the producers and CBS have been pushing Frankie to win…. well here is another great example.  Oliver Stone seems to be creeping into the scenes on Big Brother.

I really don’t care what happens tonight with the HOH competition, right now I am feeling done.

There was one highlight, Christine’s arrival at the Jury House.  Other than those few moments, the show and the week were a complete waste….. thanks for nothing CBS!

UPDATE: In case you care, Caleb is the new HOH.

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