#BB16 – NOW Is the Time for a REAL Zach-Attack @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother


For those of you only watching the CBS version of Big Brother, last night you saw Frankie’s final betrayal of Zach.

Throughout the season, Frankie has back-stabbed Zach every chance he got and made him target number one with each of the Team America challenges.  While Zach is not innocent, he certainly didn’t draw first blood.

Frankie has manipulated Zach throughout the season and talked about him behind his back every chance he got.  Last night, the ultimate slap in the face, a backdoor, with a bad rap.

Zach will get evicted tonight;  however what Frankie doesn’t know, is as soon as he walks out the door, he is going to have the chance to get right back in the game.

TONIGHT, is when the Zach-attack needs to go into overdrive.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Frankie’s face when and if Zach goes back into the game after being evicted.  At this point, Zach has had enough of the manipulation and I hope he will come back with a vengeance.  Getting Frankie should be his only goal, if he has to have a back-up, it should be Christine.

For me, what would be the greatest irony, IF CBS would do it…. summer of surprise and all! ……  whichever houseguests comes back into the game tonight…. THEY are the Head of Household.

We, the viewers know, (the house doesn’t) that the double HOH and BOB is now over, what a game changer if the evicted houseguest comes back and is HOH.  THAT would be AWESOME!

Tonight, I will be rooting for Zach, he needs to get back in the house, he can shake it up and spread fear like wildfire with the remaining cast.

GO ZACH GO!!!!!!!!!!!

BB16 Zach

3 thoughts on “#BB16 – NOW Is the Time for a REAL Zach-Attack @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother

  1. At least Zach was very aware of his faults during this season. He was extremely genuine and candid with Julie during his exit interview. I am kind of sad that he is stuck at the Jury House. 😦

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