Life’s Playlist…. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic


Life’s Playlist…. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

SPOILERS – #BB16 – Aug 28, 2014 – Will Donny be “saved” or “shaved”? @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother

LogoOk, I know, the headline was corny… I just couldn’t help it!

It’s been a busy week inside the house and I want to thank some of the bloggers who do such a phenomenal job keeping everyone updated on the action….

Big Brother Network

Big Brother Dish


Knowing what happens off the CBS show isn’t for everyone, I enjoy knowing what happens so I keep up with those three bloggers posts.

And now for tonight’s show…. will Donny be saved or shaved?

Julie opens the show asking if Team America will be split tonight.  She is looking hot with super straight hair and floral strapless top, but what’s with the red every week Julie????

At the outset the house is on board to evict Donny.  Then Frankie sees Christine and Nicole talking which makes him worried that Nicole will come after him.

Frankie then goes to Derrick to plead his case to keep Donny.   It appears that Derrick is on board.

Frankie goes to Caleb to discuss keeping Donny.

Caleb goes to Derrick with the idea to kick Nicole out.

Caleb and Frankie go to Cody to discuss keeping Donny.  Derrick joins the conversation.  The guys all know whoever stays will be targeting them.

Cody is not in favor of keeping Donny.

Julie checks in with the HG and checks in on Victoria, she is doing much better.


I hated it and hope the challenge failed.

Julie will let the TA members know live on air with a special word to the HG.  She will ask what food they think should be the next “have-nots” diet, the response was apple pie… if she says no, that means they failed the challenge (or FRANKIE failed the challenge and no $5k for TA.)

THEY LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  or should I say, FRANKIE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



All the HG got a “hello” from home.  Not a dry eye in the house… or my house.

We meet Christine’s husband and family, they discuss the flirtmance with Cody.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…. Christine’s family and husband is NOT happy with her.  Looks like she has some answering to do when she gets home.

Cody’s family knows he is flirty, hot and young.  Cody’s family isn’t too happy with the relationship he has with Christine, but don’t mind the flirting with everyone else.



Christine –  Donny

Victoria – Donny

Frankie – Donny

Caleb – Donny

Derrick – Donny


The eliminated House Guest is….. Donny in a unanimous vote.












Donny leaves the house with class, would you expect anything else from this classy southern GENTLEman?   His last words to the houseguests… “I love you all.”

With Julie, Donny cries.  He explains his feelings were hurt by the houseguests.  He said Team America (Frankie and Derrick)  hurt him.  Julie is gentle with Donny and keeps it sweet.  Frankie, Derrick and Caleb all try to convince Donny they tried to save him during the exit interviews.

Donny has a guest starring role in The Bold and the Beautiful coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the “fill the container” endurance competition, the HG  have to fill “Sloppy the Snowman” to retrieve a piece of coal.   A smaller snowman is available for “reward” for the contestants.”   Everyone went for HOH, no one going for the special reward of  $5k and 5k “Hollas.”

Ironically, I think Nicole would have a better chance of winning this comp than Donny ever would have.

The competition will go long after the show goes off the air.



Next week is a DOUBLE EVICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Life’s Playlist…. Yesterday I Heard the Rain by Tony Bennett & Alejandro Sanz

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