SPOILERS – #BB16 – Episode 6 @bigbrothernet @CBSBigBrother #BBDevin

bb16Last night’s episode was frustrating.

Rarely do I ever have a disdain for any contestant like I do Devin.

On night one, I thought he would be an important part of the game.  I expected him to dominate the physical competitions and thought his social game would carry him through until Jury House was open.

Now, I just want him gone, he cannot leave soon enough!

Devin is the most narcissistic player of Big Brother, I have seen on any season.  When you make that type of statement, I understand those are BIG narcissistic shoes to fill with former  players like Rachel, Mike Boogie, Evil Dick and others.  The difference in those players and Devin….. they were good at the game.

With his “I am going to play with honesty and integrity” speech, followed by his request of another player to throw a competition, the true Devin flooded your TV screens last night.

Devin lives in a fantasy world where his constant stories, interrupting others when they talk, miniscule understanding of the game and pathetic social skills rule his own domain.

When Devin does get eliminated he will use his “honesty and integrity” as the reason for being eliminated.

NO, the reason you are being eliminated is because you are a bully. You have no comprehension of how to relate to people and think the world revolves around your overly inflated ego and biceps.

Without Devin in the house, this season could be ranking as one of the best in BB history.  Devin needs to go, the sooner the better!

In other news, Brittany and Paola are nominated.

BB16 Brittany  paola_shea-550x825


Devin has assured Paola safety after he convinced her to throw the BOB competition.

Luckily for the viewers, the rest of the house is fed up with Devin and if someone can get the guts to move against him, his plan to eliminate Brittany will be foiled.

5 thoughts on “SPOILERS – #BB16 – Episode 6 @bigbrothernet @CBSBigBrother #BBDevin

  1. If the House was smart, which is looking as though it’s not going to be this season, Kendall, they will back-door him next week. I agree with you so much where Devin is concerned. He has the worst game of any player I could remember! I don’t even think he is that great at comps! He has to learn how to sit on his hands and keep his mouth shut if he wants to stay in the BB House longer!

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