SPOILERS 7-31-14 – #BB16 Eviction & HOH, Bring On the Backdoor Plus Status Update! @BigBrotherNet @BBGossip @CBSBigBrother

LogoTonight we are going to be having an old-fashioned backdoor!  Ms. Amber should be going home.

Amber doesn’t take being put up on the block well.  She starts questioning everyone and Caleb admits having her put on the block.  He still thinks he is running the house and blows up the alliance to Amber putting her on the block.

Caleb tries to be the good guy for Amber.  He goes to Frankie and tells him the decision to put her on the block was a good one and Frankie plays him like a cheap fiddle.

Zach continues to push and play games and makes Amber break down in tears.  Christine comforts Amber and they commiserate with their anger at Caleb.  Amber said if she stays she wants Caleb gone.  Christine runs to Frankie with this info and Frankie takes it to his guys alliance, sealing Amber’s fate once and for all.

 TEAM AMERICA:  Last night viewers were given two options for the next Team America challenge, the selection was….

Vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two others of the random votes.

Donny does not like the task and considers NOT doing it as it is against his character.


Hayden – Amber

Victoria – Amber


Derrick – Amber (SAME AS DONNY)

(By Donny not agreeing to do the Team America mission, he will be at the top of Derrick and Frankie’s hit list.)

Zach – Amber

Caleb – Amber

Christine – Amber

Cody – Amber

Nicole – Amber

Unanimous Vote… Amber is sent out the BACKDOOR!  She is genuinely surprised to be leaving.




Earlier in the week the HG were given a series of videos of past activities in the house on a continuous loop.   Questions are based on the video loops.

Frankie cannot compete.

Question two Jocasta is eliminated

Question six Christine, Victoria and Derrick are eliminated

Question eleven Cody is eliminated

Time runs out on the live show with five contestants still competing….. these folks are GOOD at this!  HOH will be determined off show.


DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



BB16 Caleb Caleb – metro sexual country boy, he may completely annoy me and be a bit too full of himself to go very far in the game.  I see the others evicting him at their earliest opportunity.  Expect him to cause at least one house explosion before he goes.  More multi-faceted than I thought he would be.  Not only is he nice to look at, but he is a beast in the game, I just hope he doesn’t get over-confident and implode.  HE IS A BRUTE, HE STILL HAS A LOT OF CONTROL IN THE HOUSE AND ONCE DEVIN IS GONE HE WILL BE THE NUMBER ONE TARGET FOR ANYONE WANTING TO GET A POWER PLAYER OUT OF THE GAME.  I THINK HE WILL MAKE IT TO THE JURY, I AM THINKING 4TH OR 5TH PLACE.  Oh please, this guy is just a mess.  Living in an alternative universe, hopefully now that his imaginary girlfriend has left the house he will get back in the game, leaving the “Beast Mode Cowboy” behind.  If there was every any doubt how out of touch this guy is, the show’s recap should show everyone.

BB16 ChristineChristine – millennial, way too smart for her own good, already bored with her, she is going to play WAY too hard.  She is good and as part of the Nerd Twins, fun to watch.  SHE IS THE MOST DEVIOUS WOMAN IN THE GAME, NOT EVIL JUST A GAMER.  I AM AFRAID SHE IS GOING TO TURN ON NICOLE EVENTUALLY AND I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN.  Christine has become my least favorite girl in the house.  I appreciate Zach putting her up for eviction, she has floated and needed to show she could play the game.    

Cody Cody – cute, hot body, All-American boy soccer player… CONTENDER  He is smart and has the ability to see things as they really are, I still see him as a major contender. CODY IS PLAYING A GOOD GAME.  STAYING UNDER THE RADAR JUST ENOUGH AND ALIGNING HIMSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  DEFINITELY WILL MAKE IT TO JURY, COULD WIN IT ALL.  I really like Cody, I think he plays a good game, but he needs to keep his emotions in check, I am afraid he is going to be the next one to start losing it if he doesn’t settle down and remember it is a game. 

BB16 DerrickDerrick – undercover cop, if he is any good at his job he could win this thing!  He is good, I still say he is one of the favorites to win.  THE SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME, STILL MY PICK TO WIN IT ALL. Been my favorite since day one, he continues to play the best game in the house and is controlling the others without them knowing it.


DonnyDonny – country boy, will be out quick, still lives at home with mama and daddy. Nicest guy to ever play Big Brother. I love this guy!  He is great television and I would like to see how he evolves and endears himself to the others through the summer, I hope he stays around for a long time! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE DONNY WIN, BUT HE WON’T I ONLY HOPE HE STAYS AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO GET INTO THE JURY HOUSE, I THINK THE $1000 PER WEEK COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR HIM. UNFORTUNATELY HE HAS DEVELOPED A TARGET BECAUSE HIS NAIVETE HAS HIM TALKING MORE THAN HE SHOULD.  I want him to make it to jury!  Donnie is one of the funniest guys in the house without ever trying to be and he is a pretty good gamesman.


Frankie-GrandeFrankie – flamer…. ANNOYING, the gay stereotype I hate to see on these shows.  Ok, I judged Frankie too harshly.  He is still a bit too flamboyant for my tastes, but everyone seems to really like him, he has an awesome social game and has some athletic abilities.  What I am NOT going to enjoy is seeing Frankie on Thursday nights live shows… he is going to be WAY too on and that is going to wear thin quickly.  REMINDS ME MORE AND MORE OF ANDY FROM LAST YEAR.  I LIKE HIM, BUT HE NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING ALL SIDES, HE COULD BE WRITING HIS TICKET TO EVICTION IF HE DOESN’T STOP THE CONSTANT GAME PLAY AND PLAYING ALL SIDES OF THE FENCE.  FRANKIE’S SOCIAL GAME IS STARTING TO BOTHER HIS HOUSE GUESTS, HIS TARGET GETS LARGER BY THE DAY.  I like Frankie when he isn’t “on.”   One of the things I have loved watching this season is the complete lack of homophobia.  Frankie is a total flamer and the guys have accepted him, they all love on him and I think it is refreshing and good for our society to see that no one is being hurt by people loving each other for WHO they are, not WHAT they are.

BB16 HaydenHayden – this season’s McCrae.  Did he leave the house?  Pretty much no impact.  WELL LOOK WHO DECIDED TO JOIN THE CAST.  THE BUDDING SHOWMANCE BETWEEN HE AND NICOLE IS SWEET AND I THINK HE IS PLAYING THE GAME HARDER THAN ANYONE REALISES.  Has finally hit his stride and is making an impact in the house.  He could make it to the Final 3 if he keeps playing things the way he is now.

BB16 JocastaJocasta – preacher, mother will be a lightning rod in the house. She is fun and convicted but I expect her to be evicted before the jury house.  I LIKE HER AND ADMIRE THE WAY SHE PLAYS THE GAME… WITH THAT SAID…..SHE SHOULD BE GONE IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS.  Jocasta is on borrowed time in the BB House.


NicoleNicole – small town girl, will be a crier, Big Brother super fan, her skin isn’t thick enough  Love that she is a nerd twin, she knows the game and is going to be more impactful than I originally thought.  MY FAVORITE GIRL IN THE HOUSE.  SHE HAS GROWN ON ME SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW AND HAS PROVEN TO BE A STRONG PLAYER.  She is television gold, LOVE this girl.  She is a good sport and enjoys the game.  I hated to see her hurting after  Zach was so tough on her, but her “relationship” with Hayden is awesome!


BB16 VicVictoria – sexy, orthodox, should be interesting, I can see major conflict between her and Paola.  Floater.  IS THERE A PLAYER NAMED VICTORIA ON THE SHOW?  Seriously taking up space in a house that is already over-crowded.


BB16 ZachZach – a kid from right here in PBG FL., I know some guys who know him and they all describe him with one word…. crazy.  He should be fun to watch.  A self-professed liar and know it all, maybe he won’t be fun to watch!  I don’t hate him, don’t love him, the jury is still out.  COMIC RELIEF, I HAVE FORGIVEN HIM FOR HIS OPENING NIGHT COMMENTS, HE IS FUN, NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE DRAWER BUT THE HOUSE WOULD BE REALLY BORING IF HE WASN’T IN IT.  I hope he didn’t go TOO  Zach-attack this week because without him in the house it wouldn’t be half as much fun.

Life’s Playlist….. Riders on the Storm performed by The Doors


Life’s Playlist….. Riders on the Storm performed by The Doors

Life’s Playlist….. Me & Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin


Life’s Playlist…..  Me &  Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin

Life’s Playlist…… Survivor by Destiny’s Child


Life’s Playlist…… Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Life’s Playlist…. Creep by Radiohead


Life’s Playlist…. Creep by Radiohead