Grown-ups….. GROW UP!!!!!!!!

Now that the calendar had turned, the balloons are all popped, the last drop of champagne has been consumed and kiss shared, it is time for some frank talk moving into 2014.

2014 is here and we need a wake up call, so here goes.

Grown-ups, it is time for you to GROW UP!

As part of my job, I produce events for the public to celebrate life’s moments.  We host concerts, shows, kids activities, adult activities, teen activities….we host it all.  Usually we host for FREE!

On New Year’s Eve we host two events, Noon Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Noon Year’s Eve was a countdown to noon for children to kick-off 2014.  This year’s event drew approximately 800 people.  The event is fun, easy peasey, 11AM – 1PM, hats, horns, face painters, balloon sculptures yada, yada, yada.

The evening event has more moving pieces and draws about 1,200.  The event is appropriate for all ages, but designed primarily for adults.  9PM – 1AM, live band, street performers, balloon drops, give-away items, radio station, etc., etc.

Both New Year and Noon Year’s Eve events are a lot of fun and enjoyable for me and my team.  We make sure to spread the joy as much as possible with hats, horns, leis, light wands, balloons and much more.  We give so much at both of these events.

Our property is fortunate, we have great crowds for our events and rarely have any of the issues that other area properties deal with on a daily basis.  (Editorial Note:  I am firmly knocking on wood here.)

Our Management Team prides ourselves on doing whatever it takes to create a pleasurable experience for our guests and we will continue to do so.  However, I have to be honest, after seeing the actions of a few this year on December 31st, I am disheartened and wonder what has come of manners, respect for others and respect for other people’s property.

This year I was amazed at the behavior of some adults.  I give free passes to kids, they may be poorly behaved and need to show more respect, but I blame that on the parenting that they do or do not receive at home.

Just some of the actions I witnessed this year by adults….

  • I was cursed at by a mother, because I didn’t have a purple New Year’s Eve hat for her daughter.  She only wanted a purple.  NO, mother you have pandered to your child’s desires so much that she demands purple and you make everyone around you miserable until she gets purple.
  • Two moms got into a shoving match at the balloon sculptor stand, OVER A BALLOON HAT!!!!  Seriously, you are going to shove someone over a balloon hat that won’t make it through the next hour before it pops?!?!?!?
  • What goes through an adults mind to ensure that they have a free hat, horn and lei but not caring about the 6-year-old in line who doesn’t have anything?
  • This New Year’s Eve, I watched adults launch anything they could toss at balloon bags to make them drop before the stroke of midnight.  For these party poopers, I ask was it worth it to you to pull down 1,500 balloons BEFORE the stroke of midnight, preventing your neighbors the fun of a traditional NYE countdown with drop?
  • Each year one of the things my team enjoys most is passing out New Year’s Eve goodies.  We make it fun, passing out free stuff all night.  This year our big give was a foam light wand with various colors and strobes.  I bought 1,000 to pass out.  At 11:15, my team went to our places to toss the wands to our guests.  Each year the “toss” is what puts the crowd into a festive state for the last 45 minutes before the countdown.  The wands were cool no doubt, but I question the adults who had 6, 8 12 in hand when their neighbors had none.  Really, it’s just a piece of foam with a light inside, you could have shared.

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite days of the year.  It is a day filled with countless possibilities and revelry.  This year, as I reflected on the day I let the actions of a few get under my skin and then I remembered, the New Year brings the possibility of new beginnings.

In 2014, wouldn’t it be great if we found more courtesy, more gentility, more respect in our world.

We complain about our Leaders, our media personalities and celebrities, maybe just maybe it is time we looked more inward, maybe it is time for us to think about the child who doesn’t have a free paper hat and give them one of ours, maybe it is time for Grown-ups to GROW UP!

Life’s Playlist…. Best Day of My Life by American Authors @aauthorsmusic


Life’s Playlist…. Best Day of My Life by American Authors