Short Notes – 10.9.13

When you thought the United States Government couldn’t be any more despicable…. there is this.


The United States House Gym is deemed as “essential” and stays open and Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley from Iowa is upset that the towel service isn’t being offered….. really Congressman!?!??!  Check it out here.  But before you jump on Congressman Braley for expecting towel service, just know these hardworking elected officials pay $260 ANNUALLY to join.  That’s over $20 a month people., the Congressman SHOULD be upset that his towel isn’t being laundered!

The Rolling Stones

Question of the Day:  SERIOUS QUESTION…..  can you name one lawmaker at the Federal level, US Congress or President of the United States that you consider a patriot?  If so, please tell me who they are and why you feel this way.



West Palm Beach Green Market 10.5.13

Life’s Playlist…. Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones


Life’s Playlist…. Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones