Short Notes – 10.8.13

Diana Nyad continues to inspire.   Swim for Relief

Reese Speaks Tuesday 10

Have A Little Faith


Kris and Bruce split, more Kardashian family values.

Liar liar pants on fire.

Tom Hanks has type 2 diabetes.

Inspiration personified by Valerie Harper


West Palm Beach Green Market 10.5.13

2 thoughts on “Short Notes – 10.8.13

  1. It seemed to me that Obama’s press conference was basically the lyrics to Officer Krupke: “They’re dis-toibed, they’re dis-toibed,! They’re the most dis-toibed! Like they’re psychologic-ly dis-toibed!”
    Granting that Boehner is an absolute villain–and I often mentally draw a Snerdley Whiplash mustache on him–the immediate problem is that health care legislation needs to go back to the drawing board.
    I didn’t see anything in Buffet’s prescription for Congress to disagree with, but I’ll also send 20 emails for anyone who can come up with a way to make sure no future Administration can order Mass to be cancelled on military bases.

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