Short Notes – 10.1.13



So the United States Congress decided last night at midnight that they would abdicate their responsibilities.  They closed down the United States Government because they can’t act like big boys and girls and do the work Americans elected them to do.   While hardworking Government workers who make 30, 40, 50k a year get sent home to do the best they can, these worthless fat-cats continue to collect their salaries, ride around with drivers and drink in the finest Georgetown restaurants and bars smoking $50 cigars all on your dime.  Have you had enough yet America?  I say if you vote for ANY incumbent in the next election that you are supporting this type of BS…. want a change?  MAKE A CHANGE!

Am I the only one fed up…..  below are just a few of the comments I have seen on my Social Media feeds today….

“you are the United States of America, get yourselves together and do your job.”


“My take on the government shut down? Let em shut down… but that means they ALL need to leave OUR White House and turn the lights off behind them. They can go home now if they aren’t going to work for us anymore… no more paychecks.  Lets fill the White House with Hippies and Rednecks… they apparently can work together and all get along.”

“I too am on shutdown. Therefore, I refuse to watch or listen to the news today STUPID, STUPID, STUPID House of Reps

“The entire Government what ever party needs to each go to their respective corners take a time out and get the Country back up and running again. America this morning is the laughing-stock of the entire world. And we wonder why so many people hate us so much. Stop acting like a bunch of pissed off little boys in DC. Enough is Enough. Entire Government is to blame.”

How many more times are we going to allow these inept elected officials to hold our country captive and don’t get me wrong… I BLAME THEM ALL….. every single one of them!  It is time we stopped allowing these people to embarrass our country and FIRE THEM!


Dyer Park, West Palm Beach, FL 9.29.13

4 thoughts on “Short Notes – 10.1.13

  1. Felt angry and disheartened all night long. Spirits lifted somewhat reading about the “Honor Flight” folks moving the barricades so WW II vets– most in their 90’s–could take a scheduled tour of the war memorial yesterday that the Administration had cancelled. (It’s an open air park, for pity’s sake.)
    I share your anger, but am not as hopeful that just switching out Congress will do it. Been there, etc. after Watergate. So much power is universally corrupting and ultimately uncontrollable. If there’s anyone already there or anyone I can help send that will work to reverse the flow, I’ll support him or her.

    • Please share the name of someone there who is not part of this debacle and who has not been part of the insanity.

      I agree I LOVED that those vets made it into THEIR memorial!

  2. Hard not to be part of the insanity since they’re all in the asylum. I’m just keeping a lookout for Randall McMurphy 🙂
    (Nurse Ratched? C’mon–put a wig on Harry Reid, and Louise Fletcher better hand that Oscar over.)

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