Short Notes….. 9.27.13




I’m sorry, Mark Burnett

THIS is your tax dollars at work.  Each one of these United States Senators makes $174,000 a year.  I dare you to watch this video and not understand that our Government is BROKEN and ironically these two are from the same party….  they are arguing about procedure!

Pure class


4 thoughts on “Short Notes….. 9.27.13

  1. This is representative of how Republicans manage to lose one election after another. Not only can’t they reason with a significant number of Democrats; they can’t even reason with themselves and engage in mindful discourse that serves to unify them under principled compromise.

    Instead, they compete with each other for headlines and television time at the cost of losing one opportunity after another. Here’s some rational thinking for them to consider.

    1. As time passes, more people are becoming more fearful and distrustful of the so-called “Affordable” Care Act or Obamacare.
    That is because it is not only cutting patients away from their current providers, but it is costing them more to see physicians that they value less.

    2. Young voters put Obama into office and helped to keep him there. Young voters are now being forced to join healthcare exchanges that most of them feel they don’t need and have stated that they don’t want. Young workers are among the lowest paid workers and once they are stripped of a good share of their lowly income by force, many of them will turn against those who put them in this vulnerable position.

    3. As is the case with keeping rents artificially low, the government’s attempt at artificially forcing health care costs lower will result in an increasing scarcity of services as more physicians move to concierge style practices where patients agree to pay a set amount of money per year for health care service in place of traditional “insured” medical care.

    As more physicians move out of the general public pool to a private pool, fewer physicians in general as well as in specialty areas will become scarce and when demand is high for anything with limited availability, the inevitable result is higher prices or drastically reduced services. In order to avoid the former, government will sanction the latter and all will suffer the consequence.

    4. As government demands lower costs with a dwindling number of health care providers and continues to impose a new tax on technology, more stand alone facilities such as laboratories, MRI or full diagnostic imaging centers will close in increasing numbers [research how many of these places exist now as compared with just 5 short years ago] as a combination of costs fused to forced low provider and technical component payments make such facilities only marginally profitable – if profitable at all.

    Obamacare is the law of the land and it was forced upon the people of America by Democrats and a few pragmatic Republicans who traded free choice in health care for bacon that helps them get reelected and does little good for the nation and in some instance, such as building bridges to nowhere, little good for their own communities.

    Republicans fighting to defund Obamacare is no more effective than Don Quixote fighting windmills. The smart Republicans will recognize that just as this crazy law was stuffed down the throats of those they represent, that at some point in time, with the backing of those same constituents and those who’ve found the program not to be what it was touted to be, will have an opportunity to set things right.

    But, that can only happen if they can convince the voters that they are the right party for the job. Which brings us back to where we started…Republicans stepping in their own waste products while attempting to smell like an attractive bunch of roses.

    As Bob the Builder used to ask…”Can we do it”? Not by discourse such as that depicted on the floor of the U.S. Senate by two Republican U.S. Senators.

  2. I’ll second that with a “but…”
    I would like nothing better than to see the Republicans go the way of the Whigs. It is disgusting watching them jockey for space at the trough. I’d say most of them were elected on a pledge to stop Obamacare and come up with something sensible. Ha! LIke sending Meade to stop Lee.
    I also agree with you, Kendall, that the government is broken. The check engine light on that buggy has been flashing for a good while.
    But…how do we fight back? Cruz’s tactic is impractical, ineffectual grandstanding. So was the Dolittle raid, but it was fighting back. Since I seem to be a fount of military illiusions today, let me say I go with Cruz for the same reason Lincoln went with Grant: “He fights!” (Not forgetting that Grant was a terrible President.)
    I am very little now in the scheme of things, My value to society is mostly intangible and the costs associated with keeping me going are on the rise. (Kind of like cable when you’re unemployed 🙂 But I can write to Cruz and Lee and the others and tell them yes, I support scrapping Obamacare. And I can write to my (Democratic) senators and tell them they better by God stop with the ridiculous inflamitory retoric and get in there and negotiate.

    • I have no problem with the message (except that about 50% of what is said on both sides is a lie.) I have problems with the messengers, refusing to work together looking for compromise, it is an insult to the American people that we pay these people almost 200k each and they can’t even talk to each other. 3rd grade school yard mentality is not a way to run a country.

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