Survivor – Blood vs. Water, My Apology Letter to @MarkBurnettTV, @Survivor_Tweet


Dear. Mark Burnett,

Ok, I admit it you were right and I was wr-wr-wrong.  That is probably one of the reasons you make gazillions of dollars creating television shows and I sit home and watch, but I thought you had lost your mind on this one…. I was wrong.  BTW, you have NO IDEA how difficult it is for me to say I was wr&$g twice in the same paragraph so from here on out, just know it.

I have been a fan of Survivor since day one, I watched Susan Hawk rake Richard Hatch over the coals, sat mystified as Colby Donaldson gave away a million dollars and waited for lions to eat Ethan and friends.  I have been with you through great seasons and not so great seasons, I have seen drama, tears, laughs, pain, betrayal and awesome television year after year.

When the announcement of Blood vs. Water was announced I was a vocal critic, two shows in I am a huge fan!  The possibilities this season holds are as exciting as any you have presented through the years.  Just imagine what happens when lovers or family members battle each other on Redemption Island, imagine a physical competition or the merge of teams… OMG you have me hooked!

Now, don’t go all, WOOHOO, Kendall forgives me, I am off the hook…. no, I still have TWO bones to pick with you, but overall I approve of the season…good job.

Now for my bones…..

1) CASTING:  I really hate that you are bringing back old characters to continue to play Survivor.  There are millions of people who would love to play, casting old characters seems to be the lazy way out and quite frankly adds to my dissatisfaction with the show.  This season’s twist could have been played just as easily with all new characters, after all some of the folks you brought back weren’t that impressive the first time, much less years later.

2) GAY CASTING:  Mr. Burnett, as a gay man I am embarrassed when you put someone like Colton Cumbie on your shows.  Cumbie represents every negative stereotype of the gay community and we deserve better.  As a lisping, melodramatic queen, Cumbie sets the gay movement back decades, I don’t want to be represented by someone like him and would guess that most gay Americans feel the same way.  In 2013, gay Americans are found in every line of work, every community and for the most part we settle in with our neighbors just live any other American.  The majority of us are not swishers, flamers or cry-babies like Cumbie, PLEASE don’t put people like him on television again…. it hurts us.  Americans who happen to be gay can be just as evil and backstabbing as anyone else, let our REAL gay citizens represent us, not stereotypical pansies!

Mr. Burnett, again thanks for what looks to be another great season, keep up the good work and keep it fresh.  If you can just do us all a favor and work on those two small issues it would be most appreciated.

Love your shows and appreciate what you have done for my viewing pleasures!


Short Notes – 9.26.13

Reason 2,375,940 why I cannot wait for Jimmy Fallon to take over as host of  the Tonight Show!

Real Thing

Evelyn Lowery wife of Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Joseph Lowery died in Atlanta overnight.  I had the privilege of meeting and working with Mrs. Lowery in the mid- 90’s.  A project for AIDS Research, we served on the steering committee together, she was a vibrant, kind woman whose heart was in the right place.  The world was a better place with her in it.


I heard such great things about NBC’s The Blacklist that I set my DVR to record the Pilot.  Last night I got around to watching.  WOW, within 10 minutes my DVR was set to record the entire season.  James Spader is awesome and the twists and turns pretty amazing!  This is the kind of television I love, suspenseful, intelligent, well acted and written, BRAVO to you NBC for a great new scripted show for the Fall season.

Speaking of awesome television, I am almost finished with Season 2 of Scandal on ABC, I should be caught up by the time Season 3 hits the airwaves.

How cool is 41?!?!?!?

Selig to retire.

Question of the Day – Will Condoleezza Rice be the next Commissioner of Baseball?


Osage Farms, Rabun Gap, GA. 9-11-13

Life’s Playlist…..Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


Life’s Playlist…..Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell