Short Notes – 9.25.13



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After a 21 hour faux-filibuster he voted with everyone else.  So the point was?

I am loving having the original The Voice coaches back together.  Love this show, but Cee Lo‘s head tatt freaks me out.  I’m happy it is only temporary!


Question of the Day…. Cee Lo’s tatt… hot or not?

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5 thoughts on “Short Notes – 9.25.13

  1. Kendall, I just hate arguing with you. I so much enjoy your posts and your point of view. But I think you’re being hornswoggled when it comes to what Cruz is doing. Look at it this way: Most recent polls show that around three quarters of Americans oppose Obamacare, but we’re being told by the leadership of both parties that nothing can be done to stop it. Does this make sense? What Cruz and a few others were doing is trying to tell people that they can indeed make their voices heard and how to do it. This may explain some of the procedure.

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