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I did as well as the so-called experts.

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Tallulah Falls, GA – 9.11.13

Condo Life from @Target & @Overstock

When I moved, there were a few pieces I wanted to get.  Moving from a 1925 Historic Mexican Style home into an open-floor plan condo requires different design aesthetics.  Most of my stuff works, but I needed a few new basic pieces.

I had been looking for new bar tools and rug after and after visiting almost every furniture and specialty store in the area, I finally hit up some online shopping and found what I had been looking for.

The bar stools I found on  I lucked out and found them on sale at $89 ea., they are now marked at $109. but they are worth it!  I had looked at my neighborhood Target several times for something and didn’t find anything I wanted….  these were on-line and I love them!

The hard part was I had to put them together, but that only took about 20 minutes each.

I found the rug on  I am really happy with it.  The rug has a nice pile and looks much more expensive than it was.  It is now listed at $300, but it was also on sale when I bought it.  I bought a pad from Overstock too.

After I ordered the items I got nervous, I was worried if the patterns and colors would clash.  As you can see they compliment each other really well and the bar stool taupe is picked up in the rug.

I am very happy with my selections.

Bar stools from Target

Rug from Overstock


Next I am looking for……

A long and low shelf that I can use for an entertainment center.  6 1/2 – 7′ long, 20 – 24″ high, 16 – 18″ deep.

A buffet or writing desk, haven’t decided which one I want.

Life’s Playlist… Piano Man by Billy Joel

tn_Billy Joel - The Piano Man's 50 Greatest Tunes (Joel's Compilation)

Life’s Playlist… Piano Man by Billy Joel