Vacation Notes….

Vacation was needed, deserved and appreciated.  Some of the things I learned on my summer vacation….

  • This vacation was as much a “working” vacation as anything.  With daddy moving into assisted living, my 23 yr old niece will be moving into the house.  Obviously she doesn’t want to live in a house decorated over 40 years by her grandparents.  The main objective of the trip was for me to go through the house and trash, donate, take or use what was there.
  • Sorting through 40 years of memories is at times heart-warming at times heart-breaking and always difficult. It occurred to me while going through the papers and photos, that after this trip I no longer have a home in God’s Country.  After mama died, I still had my home because daddy lived there, now he no longer lives in the house and we are moving on, sadly we are moving on.
  • Evidently I have always enjoyed writing.  I wrote daily letters to my parents from summer camp that my mother found the need to keep, along with every sketch, photo, report card and playbill, football program or spelling test of my brothers and I.
  • Seeing the Dawgs beat South Carolina is always nice, seeing it happen IN Georgia is perfection.  A Gator loss is perfection anywhere!
  • Family hikes are awesome and the pay-off reinforces my belief that my homeland really is God’s Country….


  • Boot Camp with a 23 yr old will KICK YOUR BUTT!
  • A feisty 82-year-old man is still plenty feisty.
  • As much fun as nieces and nephews are when they are cute little babies, they can be even more fun as adults!


  • Friends from childhood are blessings that continue to give.
  • Taking a sabbatical from social media is good for the soul… difficult but good.
  • Having a sabbatical from social media end is good for the soul…. much easier than the start.


  • For Lita Rumsey, a couch is a couch is a couch.

IMG_3113[1] IMG_3320[1] IMG_3322[1]


  • At 84, my Aunt Beck is still the best traveling companion I have ever had.
  • Some memories mean nothing to anyone but me.  This set of dishware sat atop my mother’s refrigerator for as long as I can remember, now it will hold a special place of honor in my home, in recognition of a lifetime of memories and blessings.


  • Vacations are never long enough, but there’s really no place like home!

7 thoughts on “Vacation Notes….

  1. Oh Ken! What a heartwarming and heart wrenching story! I know that must have been difficult. I dread the day we don’t have our “homeplace” anymore! Love you! P.S. Where did you take Papa?

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  3. This makes me sad… but those of us who grew up during the Clayton Elementary days… Old RCHS days… big candle on the stoplight by Reeves days… are facing that time in life where we are having to let go. I’m sorry for you Ken… it’s a hard thing to let go 😦

  4. I prefer being on WordPress over social media, because it can become very overwhelming. I’m on a sabbatical now :-). Your niece can save money this way, so that’s great. Finding letters you’ve written years ago is pretty sweet!

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