Big Brother Season 15, Episode 24 #POV

bb15I really am having a difficult time hanging in with this season.  The characters just aren’t exciting, they all think they are so cool and such great game players and they are NOT.

With that said, I just don’t have the energy tonight, so here goes.


Helen and Elissa are nominated.

Elissa wins POV.

Elissa removes herself from the block.

Aaryn nominates Spencer in her place.

Helen will go home tomorrow.

Now I am going to watch the show.

Short Notes – 8.21.13

This kid is AWESOME!  Granted Georgia Tech is no University of Georgia, but you gotta love his enthusiasm!

Speaking of awesome… ladies and gentlemen, QUEEN!


In today’s most important news….. TEN DAYS, yes 10 days from today the Georgia Bulldogs take the field against the Clemson Tigers, Between the Hedges as they begin their march towards the NCAA Football Championship for 2013/14!

5.20.13 106

Life’s Playlist…. Somebody to Love by Queen


Life’s Playlist…. Somebody to Love by Queen