Big Brother 15 Episode 22; #BB15; #Eviction; #HOH

bb15So it’s Thursday night someone is going to the Jury House….. ok, let’s just go ahead and put it out there, Jessie is being evicted tonight and it is going to be a unanimous vote.

The chances that Amanda goes an entire episode without complaining or being annoying are greater than Jessie staying in the house tonight… it just isn’t going to happen!

The real story for tonight will be told in the Head of Household competition, while I expect Spencer to go up on the block regardless of who wins HOH, unless it is him.  I think the second nomination will be GinaMarie, unless Aaryn wins and then it will be Elissa, but we will find out as the week progresses.

While Helen continues to push everyone to make big moves in the house, I highly doubt she will do it if she is HOH.  Although I think Helen could easily be backdoored if Amanda or McCrae win HOH.  Last night began the downfall of Helen.

If I had to award house MVP’s right now, it would be Andy and Aaryn,  I hate to say Aaryn is playing a good game but she is and Andy shocks the crap out of me.  This week I have learned a lot about his game and he is being stealth and has aligned himself well.

Ok, let’s kick Jessie out, I mean… let’s find out who the house is evicting tonight.


Hot hair Julie Chenflight attendant dress, not so much, but sexy heels!

Recap starts with Jessie checking in with McCrae and Amanda to ensure she is the pawn and they let her know she definitely IS the pawn.

Jessie feels distant from Helen and Elissa, she says they are avoiding her.  Andy tells Helen and Elissa they need to get better poker faces and talk to her more.

Helen tells Jessie, in front of Aaryn and Elissa,  the house thinks she was pushing to have Amanda evicted.  Helen completely plays a mind game on Jessie.  Jessie has a melt down.

Jessie decides to tell McCrae and Amanda that Helen wants Amanda evicted.  Amanda confronts Helen and Elissa and a house meeting takes place in the bathroom.  Helen and Elissa confront Jessie face to face on why she is saying that they want Amanda out.  Helen lies to her face that she never tried to have Amanda evicted, the entire house listens in the background.  The rest of the house starts to see through Helen’s lies.

Helen announces that Jessie is going to be evicted on Thursday.

Jessie decides if she is going home she is going to take everyone else down with her.  Jessie tells Aaryn that Helen is a liar.

Jessie listens outside the door as Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae and Helen talk about evicting her.  Jessie declares “operation bring the house down.”

Jessie confronts Andy and tells him she knows everything.

Jessie goes to GinaMarie and Spencer and tells them she knows everything, they both act like they knew nothing about the lies and plan to evict Jessie.

Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn talks about her all the time and she is going to out everyone’s game.

GInaMarie and Aaryn argue…GinaMarie melts down, announces to the house that she and Aaryn are fighting…. Jessie wins round one.

House gathers in HOH room for Aaryn and GinaMarie to fight.  Mean girls meltdown.

Back to Julie Chen and into the living room.  She asks Aaryn why there has been so much fighting in the house, Aaryn says it is because so few people are left in the house.

It looks like everyone got new clothes.


AMANDA:  Jessie

MCCRAE:  Jessie

AARYN:  Jessie

HELEN:  Jessie

ELISSA:  Jessie


BB15 JESSIEUnanimous vote… Jessie is eliminated.

Jessie leaves the house with class.  No one seems broken up to see her go, except Andy, he is in tears.

In conversation with Julie, Jessie admits she was an outsider from the time she went into the house.

In good-bye comments, Amanda remains a total classless jerk and sends her ugly comments.  Helen is TOTALLY playing the jury in her good-bye comments.


After throwing his chance to win for Amanda, McCrae passes the baton to  the final competitors are Amanda and Aaryn.  This week the Head of Household for the fourth time is….

BB 15 AARYN  Aaryn.  (As much as I don’t like her personally, this girl is an awesome competitor in this game.)

This week she will nominate:


Spencer and Elissa

Julie comes back at the end of the show to tell us all that next Thursday night one of the jurors will return to the game.  Candice, Judd, Jessie and next week’s eliminated houseguest will compete to see who returns.  There is A LOT of game left to be played this summer, I think we will have AT LEAST one more double eviction night to move the game along.


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