Big Brother 15 Episode 21 – #BB15, #Nominations #POV

bb15When we were last together Andy was Head of Household and he had nominated Jessie and Spencer.

Amanda was still a hateful cougar.

Helen was still running the house and as much as Aaryn is a horrible person, right now she is the best PLAYER in the game…. NOT the best person, but best PLAYER…. HUMUNGOUS difference!


Recap the nomination ceremony.  Andy makes it clear Jessie is his target and Spencer is a pawn.

In diary, Amanda takes credit for Andy’s nominations and Helen is upset that he didn’t nominate “McCranda.”

Andy tells Spencer and Jessie they are each not his target and they both believe him.

Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy meet and solidify their alliance.  They name their group “3 A.M.”

Helen goes to Andy and tells him he made a safe decision in his nominations.  Andy lacks trust in his gameplay.  Andy knows he is in a tricky spot and is worried that Helen will find out about his alliance.

Elissa and Helen meet and she complains that he played his nominations too safe.  Helen tells Elissa she wanted Amanda and McCrae nominated.

Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that she wanted them nominated.  Amanda recommends McCrae and Andy make a final 3 alliance with Helen… a fake alliance.

McCrae and Helen meet.  The final 3 alliance is presented to Helen, she says she is open to the idea.   Helen takes the bait, hook, line and sinker.


Spencer, Jessie, Andy, Helen, Elissa and Amanda are chosen to play in the POV.

McCrae is host of the competition.

Helen, McCrae and Andy meet to discuss the final 3 alliance.  Andy is aware of the plan and agrees to go along with it.   Amanda walks in on the meeting.

McCrae thinks he has figured out what the POV game will be… hold or fold.

Everyone decides they will fold except for Helen.  Spencer tells the group he will do it but has no plan too.

McCrae’s hunch is right.

Found one everyone sticks to the plan and Helen wins.

Round two, everyone folds but Helen and she wins again.

Round three, Spencer decides not to play the game with the house any longer… and Spencer wins the round and Helen gets eliminated from the competition.

Round four, the house plan is no longer in effect….. Andy wins eliminating Amanda.

Round five, …Elissa wins and Jessie is eliminated.

BB15 ANDYRound six… final question… Andy wins and is POV.

Jessie pitches Andy to make a big move and she will protect him.

Helen goes to McCrae and tells him they are going to have to cut Amanda soon.

In a 3 A.M. meeting the alliance decides they need to get rid of Helen when they have a chance.   Andy flirts witht he idea of a backdoor for Helen.


Andy leaves the nominations as is and it looks like Jessie will be eliminated tomorrow night in a unanimous vote.

BB15 HELENNOTE TO HELEN….. so Helen, you keep telling the HOH each week it is time to make a big move.  This week I am pulling for you to win HOH because I want to see if you are the player you claim to be.

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