Short Notes – 8.13.13

I took a long weekend away from work and the blog yesterday.  I needed to unplug and I did.  I come back a bit rejuvenated and looking forward to a longer vacation in three weeks.

BB15 Episode 20

The passing of Eydie Gorme saddened me.  She was one of my mama’s favorites and I remember watching she and her beloved husband Steve Lawrence perform on The Mike Douglas Show countless times when I was a child.  She was always big and bawdy and covered in sequins and beads, I hope my mama is sitting front row at her first concert with the heavenly choir.


Carrie Underwood was HOT last night on the CMA Music Festival.  I especially liked her salute to Guns N’ Roses by recreating some of the same dance moves and mannerisms as Axl Rose in the original version.


I just don’t want to be in the backwards seat.


8.12.13 – Palm Beach Municipal – Palm Beach, Florida

Life’s Playlist…. Paradise City by Carrie Underwood


Life’s Playlist….  Paradise City by Carrie Underwood