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bb15It’s double elimination night…..IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh boy I can’t wait.  I am pretty sure Candice will go home in the first elimination, but what about the second?  If I could choreograph the whole thing, Spencer would win the HOH and he would nominate Amanda and Helen, with Amanda going home.

Either way, I want Amanda go home, at this point I want her to go home more than Aaryn.

So let’s get in the house and find out what’s happening….IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoilers Below…

Julie looking plain and simple, red top, black pants…..  I wish she would bring back the green catsuit!

Jury house begins tonight.

Amanda tries to apologise to Jessie, she doesn’t believe it.  Amanda goes to Andy and Judd to discuss their votes, they are beginning to get tired of her and Judd tells her to stop with the emotional outbursts.

Candice, Elissa and Jessie discuss getting Amanda evicted.

Jessie goes to Helen to discuss evicting Amanda.

Helen knows evicting Amanda would be huge, but she can’t do it without all of her allies.

Jessie talks to Judd about eliminating Amanda.

Helen goes to Andy and discusses evicting Amanda.

Andy is against evicting Amanda.

Jessie, Candice and Helen talk about evicting Amanda.  She says she can’t evict her now unless the house wants it.

Julie cuts to the house guests and lets them know tonight is a Double Elimination.

All of the remaining house guests will be the first  member of the jury.

Julie also tells the house guests that just because they are on the jury doesn’t mean they are out of the game…. HHHMMMM??????

Candice gives a crazy speech with GinaMarie in the background.


McCRAE:  Candice

AARYN:  Candice

HELEN:  Candice

JESSIE:  Candice

ELISSA:  Candice

ANDY:  Candice

JUDD:  Candice

BB15 CANDICEELIMINATED 7 – 0 Candice is evicted.  Candice and GinaMarie continue their catfight all the way to a closed-door.


BB High School Quis Game

First Round Out:  Elissa

Second Round Out:  Andy and Jessie

Third Round Out:  All are right

BB 15 AARYNFourth Round Out:  Aaryn is right and she is the new Head of Household


Julie tells the houseguest that the MVP is over from here on out there will be 2 nominations.


Jessie and Spencer are nominated.


Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, Judd and Amanda play for POV

BB 15 AARYNAaryn wins the POV.

Jessie is removed from the block and Aaryn puts Judd on the block in her place.




Guests are in tears as we go to vote.


McCRAE:  Judd


ANDY:  Judd

HELEN:  Judd



BB15 JUDD Judd eliminated unanimous.

For those of you not following along on the feeds or boards, this is all because Judd supposedly told Jessie to STFU and Helen was mastermind of the elimination.  Plus Amanda is convinced that Judd was the MVP and was hell-bent on having him eliminated for putting her up twice….once again, Amanda’s paranoia has gotten the best of her, this time one of America’s favorite players was eliminated by one of the least popular.  Judd refused to say good-bye to Helen, Jessie or Elissa.

Judd is eliminated…. I don’t like double elimination nights anymore.  DAMN!

Aaryn has become the major power player in this game, she has done a complete turn-around since her original alliance has been eliminated.

RIP ~ Sean Sasser

Sean Sasser

Sean Sasser

1968 ~ 2013

Short Notes – 8.8.13

My thoughts on why a boycott of the Sochi Olympics cannot even be an option.

Words to Live By

Joni Mitchell

Big Brother 15 Episode 18 tonight’s episode is a DOUBLE EVICTION, I love double eviction nights!  Hopefully Amanda will be one of the two people walking out tonight, but I won’t be surprised if she remains.

That $448,000,000.00 was supposed to be mine!

Over the last week we have closed down Embassy’s around the globe because of terrorist chatter.  I am all for using the utmost in caution in these instances, however I just was thinking, do we think the terrorists won’t just change their day planner to a date when we ARE open instead of trying something when we are closed down?

Putin continues to tweak Obama.


An Olympic Boycott is the Worst Option for Gay Athletes

WinterOlympics2014LogoAs the countdown to the Sochi Olympic Games draws near, we will hear calls for the American government to boycott the Games over Russia’s hardline and oppressive stance on homosexuality.  As a gay American, I say this is the worst possible solution to a problem that can best be highlighted for its ignorance on the field of play.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter led a boycott of the Moscow Olympics over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  The war in Afghanistan raged on for several more years and now the United States military fights there.

In 1984, Russia led a boycott of the Los Angeles Games in retaliation and because of “chauvinistic sentiments and an anti-Soviet hysteria [were] being whipped up in the United States.”[

The only people to suffer through these boycotts were the young men and women who had devoted most of their lives to the Olympic ideal of sport.  Young people who worked day in and day out for a goal which was snatched away by politicians who wanted to make a political point.

The athletes of Sochi deserve to have their Olympic ideals upheld and they deserve the opportunity to compete.  Their lifetime dream is at stake here and to deny them their opportunity is not fair.  A boycott goes against \ the Olympic movement and the struggle for equality by gays and lesbians through history.

For many young boys and girls hiding their sexuality year after year, the Olympic stage allowed them the opportunity to express themselves and in numerous cases come out as proud gay American athletes.  If these young people had been denied their opportunity to compete, because of a political boycott, many of our greatest athletes may never have had the opportunity to rise to the top of their sport.

The President of the United States has made the right decision to withdraw from a planned meeting with Russian leaders in September, sighting Snowden and the anti-gay laws.  Boycotting the Olympics may make a statement, but it would be the wrong statement.   America’s commentary on the Russia’s hardline laws would be more effectively made on the field of competition, by athletes who compete as proud gay Americans.

On the field of play, these Americans can showcase their talents, the abilities and the fact that their sexuality makes them no different from any other athlete or human on the planet.  By participating in the Olympic Games, these athletes can showcase that who we love is not what defines us, but the way we live that makes us great.

The Olympic movement has always been about putting sport over politic and if we, the gay community, want to be a part of that movement, we need to go to Russia and compete, not punish our entire Olympic family.

American athletes have competed in areas of the world that were not embracing or open to our ideals, but we have led by example on the field and that is what we should do again.  Can you imagine a world without Jesse Owens running past Hitler defying his supremacy hyperbole?

For generations the Olympics have been held in parts of the world that did not live up to the American ideal, in 2014 those Games will again fall short of our vision, if we as Americans and gay Americans are to influence the way others think of us, our best form of combat is on the field, creating a witness for the entire world to see.